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Svengine Svengine is a third-party, modified version of GoldSrc GoldSrc using licensed code, introduced around version 5.0 of Sven Co-op Sven Co-op. It has enhancements such as increased engine limits (allowing for larger and more complex levels), Hor+ FOV support, and improved audio via FMOD.


Feature list from the Sven Co-op official website

  • Engine
    • New game and server launchers for improved functionality.
    • Increased limits for various engine core parameters, such as base decals, beams, dynamic lights, edicts, frame rate, heap memory size, models, sounds, and more.
    • Increased limits for map-related parameters, such as brushes, leafs, models, nodes, planes, textures, world size, and more.
    • Enhanced networking changes, including IPv6 support, increased network rate, datagram length, entities per packet, user message size, and more.
    • Various engine settings and log improvements.
  • Tools
    • Custom fork of ZHLT 3.4 map compiler tools designed specifically for this particular branch. Based on Vluzacn's fork (build 34) and compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms.


Limits GoldSrc Pre-25th GoldSrc Post-25th Xash3D Xash3D Svengine Svengine
Maximum number of dynamic sound channels 8 32 N/A N/A
Default max number of server entities (MAX_EDICTS) 900 1200 600 - 4096 8192
Absolute max number of server entities (via liblist.gam edits) 2048 2048 N/A N/A
Maximum number of temporary entities (MAX_TEMPENTS) 500 N/A 300 - 2048 N/A
Maximum number of particles (MAX_PARTICLES) 4096 N/A 1024 - 8192 N/A
Maximum number of beams (MAX_BEAMS) 64 N/A 64 - 512 256
Maximum number of visible entities in the package (MAX_VISIBLE_PACKET) 256 1024 512 N/A
Maximum number of pre-cacheable models and sprites (MAX_MODELS) 512 N/A 2048 8192
Maximum number of pre-cached sounds (MAX_SOUNDS) 512 N/A 2048 4096
Maximum number of entries to read sentences made up of sentences (MAX_SENTENCES) 1536 2048 N/A N/A
Maximum number of user messages (MAX_USER_MESSAGES) 128 N/A 191 N/A
Max number of loaded textures (MAX_TEXTURES) 2048 N/A 4096 N/A
Max number of GL textures (MAX_GLTEXTURES) 4800 10000 N/A N/A
Number of messages titles.txt (MAX_MESSAGES) 1024 N/A 2048 N/A
Maximum size of indexed textures 512х512 512x512 4096х4096 N/A
Maximum size of full color textures 512х512 512x512 4096х4096 N/A
Maximum number of models on the map (MAX_MAP_MODELS) 256 N/A 1024 4096
Maximum number of map leafs (MAX_MAP_LEAFS) 8192 N/A 32767 65536
Maximum number of entities per packet (MAX_PACKET_ENTITIES) 256 1024 N/A 512
Maximum number of spans (software renderer geometry limit) 3000 6000 N/A N/A
Maximum number of surfaces (software renderer geometry limit) 2000 4000 N/A N/A
Maximum number of edges (software renderer geometry limit) 7200 14400 N/A N/A


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Tip.pngTip:The SDK for this branch has been released and is available under the "Tools" category on Steam Steam, if Sven Co-op is downloaded.

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