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Titanfall engine branch

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Promotional screenshot of Apex Legends Apex Legends, which runs on a heavily modified version of the Source Engine called Titanfall engine branch, featuring DirectX (Direct3D) 11, detailed models and better graphics, plus increased the engine limit, allowing maps to be larger.

The Tf-16px.png Titanfall engine branch is a third-party Source branch developed by Respawn Entertainment using licensed Source Engine code from Valve. It is a heavily modified version of the Portal 2 engine branch[1] that adds many huge modifications and improvements that bring Source close to modern standards, while keeping the game running on consoles at 60FPS. This engine branch is still in active development.


Blank image.pngTodo: List all of the features of this modified engine.
Native DirectX 11 (dxlevel 110) and DirectX 12 (dxlevel 120) (only in Apex Legends) renderer
DirectX 11 (which includes Direct3D 11 renderer) is now supported, previous version has been dropped. DirectX 12 is also supported in Apex Legends Apex Legends when launched with -eac_launcher_settings SettingsDX12.json launch option.
DirectX 12 (which includes Direct3D 12 renderer) requires Windows 10 or 11 in order to work.
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New rendering system with Physically Based Rendering
Texture streaming (also in Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveStrata Source)
64-bit support
Full support for 64-bit. 32-bit are not supported on this branch.
New netcode
Customized version of BSP and VPK
Audio system improvements
Miles Sound System (for Titanfall 2 Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends Apex Legends) has been updated to properly support 7.1 surround on modern systems and better DSP effects.
Better HDR Rendering
Native HDR displays support (not to be confused with HDR Rendering)
(only in PlayStation 5 PlayStation 5Xbox Series X/S), unofficial support on PC is possible through Windows 11's Auto HDR feature.
Custom in-house Sound System
Modern console support (PlayStation 4 PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch, Xbox One Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S Xbox Series X/S)
Of little use to modders, needless to say!



1. According to the sequel Titanfall 2's steam.inf or gameinfo.txt, the engine contains a leftover appid (620) for Portal 2 Portal 2 as of March 2024.
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