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  • {{{1}}} - Optional: The representation, see the examples below. Can be set to: srcbranch, gmod, tf2, etc.
  • {{{suf}}} - Optional: To link to a specific language, set this to the appropriate language suffix, e.g. :es, see {{lang}}.
    Obsolete-notext.png Deprecated: {{{suf}}} has been replaced by {{Autolang}} that are used on those icons. It may be kept for backward compatibility with older pages.


Note.pngNote:Some of the examples given may lead to non-existent pages.

PlayStation 1 PS1PlayStation 2 PS2PlayStation 3 PS3PlayStation 4 PS4PlayStation 5 PS5
PlayStation Portable PSPPlayStation Vita PS Vita


Quake QuakeEdQuake II QuakeEd4Quake II QERadiantQ3Radiant Q3RadiantGtkRadiant GtkRadiantNetRadiant NetRadiantNetRadiant-Custom NetRadiant-Custom


VTFEdit Templates:
VTFEdit VTFEditVTFEdit Reloaded VTFEdit Reloaded


Hammer icon templates:
Hammer 3.x Hammer 3.xHammer Hammer 4.xHammer 5.x Hammer 5.x
Hammer 3.x WorldcraftHammer Hammer 4.x