Half-Life: Alyx

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Note: Game is slated for release in March 2020 and will require a virtual reality headset to run. Check Steam's VR Support section for more info.

<Half-Life 2> Half-Life: Alyx (2020) is Valve’s upcoming VR return to the Half-Life series, built on the Source 2 engine. It’s the story of an impossible fight against a vicious alien race known as the Combine, set between the events of Half-Life and Half-Life 2. Playing as Alyx Vance, you are humanity’s only chance for survival.

A set of Source 2 tools for building new environments will ship with the game, enabling any player to build and contribute new environments for the community to enjoy. Hammer, Valve’s level authoring tool, has been updated with all of the game’s virtual reality gameplay tools and components.

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