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Cry of Fear engine branch is a modified, third-party branch of the GoldSrc GoldSrc Engine based on its pre-SteamPipe version, specifically the Paranoia HLSDK fork Paranoia HLSDK fork[1] and using some Spirit of Half-Life Spirit of Half-Life code.

Cry of Fear engine branch is based on Paranoia's engine branch. Therefore, much of the documentation on this wiki pertaining to Paranoia may also apply to Cry of Fear engine branch.


  • Cry of Fear Cry of Fear features
    • Multiplayer support
      • Co-op & Survival
    • Various Render Colors
    • Improved water effects
    • Improved sprites (Flashlight, etc.)
    • Hint system
    • Inventory system
    • Custom ladder system
    • Stamina system
    • Tracking system
    • Unlockables
    • Dynamic key generation
    • High-res Normals
    • Menu Background Map
  • Paranoia features
    • Improved lighting effects
    • Subtitles



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Cry of Fear - Screenshot 3.jpg
Cry of Fear - Screenshot 5.jpg
Cry of Fear - Screenshot 7.jpg
Cry of Fear - Screenshot 8.jpg
Cry of Fear - Screenshot 10.jpg


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