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<Artifact>Artifact is a trading card game developed by Valve in collaboration with Richard Garfield, similar to games such as Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone. It's made in the Source 2 engine, similar to Dota 2, which Artifact was based on.

Screenshot of an Artifact-Match during "Shopping Phase"
An Artifact card called "Shop Deed"


The game was announced at The International 2017 and released on November 28, 2018. It was praised for its gameplay and visual style, but panned for its monetization scheme, which some users considered to be pay-to-win. Due to feedback and a sharply declining player based, Valve announced roughly five months after launch that they would rework the game to address its underlying issues in a blog post.

Artifact's main designer, Richard Garfield has since been layed off by Valve and isn't working on the game anymore. In an intervew, Garfield said that he believes the game could be saved, however he "isn't interested in damage control".


  • Running on Valve's new engine, Source 2.
  • Direct integration with the Steam Marketplace.
  • Advanced, intelligent Bots to play against.
  • A Deck Code API allowing users to share deck codes amongst each other.
  • Planned mobile support.

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