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This MP mod for Alien Swarm is currently in open beta. Download it now.

<Lambda Wars> Lambda Wars is a mod for <Alien Swarm> Alien Swarm, currently avaliable on Steam. It is an RTS game based on the Half-Life 2 universe.

Mapping for Lambda Wars

Note.png Note: Since Lambda Wars is a mod for Alien Swarm, many Alien Swarm mapping principles apply to Lambda Wars as well (example: structure_seal)

Lambda Wars requires a game configuration to be added to the Alien Swarm SDK, this is documented here

To do: document the lw entities

Features that would be useful to modders

  • Recast Navigation Mesh - These meshes are of multiple types (for different units) and are generated much faster than Nextbot navmeshes. It is avaliable separately on Github:
  • Python bindings - Lambda Wars contains extensive (automatically generated) Python bindings. These bindings are used to extend the game code into Python, allowing to extend entity classes and define new game modes among others. These bindings are also available as a separate project, PySource SDK 2013.

Source code

Lambda Wars is open source, and its source code is available here.