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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Level Creation

Here are tables of the game modes and the console commands to launch them in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive .

Loading a Map

To launch a map with a desired game mode, adjust the ConVars

  • game_type,
  • game_mode,
  • sv_game_mode_flags and
  • sv_skirmish_id

according to the tables below and load a map by using the map <mapname> or changelevel <mapname> console command.

When loading a map, the game will...

  1. set the whitelisted ConVars (the ones listed in csgo/bspconvar_whitelist.txt) to their default value,
  2. execute the CFG files associated with the current values of game_type and game_mode (defined in csgo/gamemodes.txt and csgo/gamemodes_server.txt),
  3. execute the CFG file associated with the current value of sv_game_mode_flags, see below, and
  4. execute the CFG file associated with the current value of sv_skirmish_id (defined in csgo/scripts/items/items_game.txt under skirmish_modes), see below.

If these four ConVars are not set before loading a map, the map launches in the last game mode played. Their initial value is 0 (Casual).

Tip.png Tip:  The map and changelevel commands have an optional <gamemode> parameter. Example: map de_dust2 deathmatch or changelevel myCustomMap coop. If such a gamemode parameter is given and if it is valid, the game will adjust game_type and game_mode and launch the map with the associated game mode. See the map command optional parameter column in the following big table.
Tip.png Tip:  Maps can have a default game mode, which can be read with map <mapname> default or map <mapname> auto. See the big table below.
Tip.png Tip:  Set Launch Options can be used, e.g: +game_type <number> +game_mode <number> +map <mapname>
Tip.png Tip:  You can use aliases to make frequent testing easier, for example alias MyMapRetake "game_type 0; game_mode 0; sv_skirmish_id 12; map MyMap". Best used in autoexecs which allows to quickly launch and test custom maps in the right game mode.
Note.png Note:  If you want to run a map in a Classic game mode with bots, make sure bot_quota_mode is not set to competitive, as this causes them to stop.
Idea:  You can create gamemode_competitive_server.cfg (see below) to automatically set bot_quota and bot_quota_mode to have bots on your local server whenever you load a map in Competitive.
Note.png Note:  The game mode icons seen on the loading screen (and on this page) are loaded from csgo/materials/panorama/images/icons/ui/<internal mode name>.svg. If sv_skirmish_id is not 0, the internal name of the skirmish mode is used. If the game doesn't have the file, one can put a custom one to that place.

Game Type and Game Mode

Note.png Note:  Unless you want to use game mode flags, make sure sv_game_mode_flags is (e.g.) 0.
Note.png Note:  Unless you want to load a Skirmish Mode, make sure sv_skirmish_id is (e.g.) 0.
Warning.png Risk of confusion:  The 1v1 warmup arenas seen in some Competitive and Wingman maps do not use an own game mode. If arenas are implemented in a map, warmup arenas can be played by launching the map in Competitive or Wingman and invoking mp_warmup_start.
Note.png Note:  The information of these tables can be found in csgo/gamemodes.txt.
Defined pairs of values for game_type and game_mode
Game Type Game Mode
0 1 2 3
Classic 0 Csgo icon casual.png Casual Csgo icon competitive.png Competitive Csgo icon wingman.png Wingman Weapons Expert
Gun Game 1 Csgo icon armsrace.png Armsrace Csgo icon demolition.png Demolition Csgo icon deathmatch.png Deathmatch
Training 2 Csgo icon training.png Training
Custom 3 Custom
Cooperative 4 Csgo icon guardian.png Guardian Csgo icon coopstrike.png Co-op Strike
Skirmish 5 Csgo icon skirmish.png Skirmish
Free For All 6 Csgo icon dangerzone.png Danger Zone

About the following table:

Note.png Note:  The CFG files ending with _offline.cfg are only executed if the server was launched via Practice with Bots from the main menu. Valve uses them to enable bots in offline competitive since bots have been disabled in competitive by default, see bot_quota.
Tip.png Tip:  The CFG files ending with _server.cfg don't exist locally by default. You can create them and write commands into them that will be executed every time you locally launch the corresponding game mode.
Note.png Note:  With no adjustments, maxplayers is a hard limit for the number of players and bots on the server.
Note.png Note:  The possible map command optional parameters can be found in the function GameTypes::GetGameTypeAndModeFromAlias defined in gametypes.cpp.
Game Mode type mode Internal Name map command
optional parameters
CFG filenames executed, if existent Description
Csgo icon casual.png Casual (default)
casual casual 20 gamemode_casual.cfg,
Like Competitive but with fewer rounds, shorter freezetime per round, no friendly fire, no team collision, free armor and free defuse kit/cutters.
Csgo icon competitive.png Competitive
competitive competitive, comp 10 gamemode_competitive.cfg,
gamemode_competitive_offline.cfg (!)
The classic game mode, usually made for 5v5. Best of 30 rounds, teams are switched at halftime, friendly fire is on. Round-ending objectives are elimination, bomb explosion, bomb defusal, hostage rescue and timeout.
Csgo icon wingman.png Wingman
scrimcomp2v2 scrimcomp2v2 4 gamemode_competitive2v2.cfg,
gamemode_competitive2v2_offline.cfg (!)
Like Competitive, but adjusted for 2v2 and for a smaller map or a map section. Best of 16 rounds. Also, each round is shorter.
Weapons Expert
scrimcomp5v5 scrimcomp5v5 10 gamemode_competitive.cfg,
gamemode_competitive_offline.cfg (!)
Like Competitive but every player can buy each weapon at most once per match. The freezetime is a bit longer.
Csgo icon armsrace.png Arms Race
gungameprogressive armsrace, arms,
gungame, gg,
10 gamemode_armsrace.cfg,
The game is one perpetual round where killed players respawn at the default spawns. A weapon progression (a number of guns and their order) is defined where players win by making a specified number of kills with each of these weapons.
Csgo icon demolition.png Demolition
gungametrbomb demolition, demo,
10 gamemode_demolition.cfg,
A mixture of Casual with Armsrace. Best of 20 rounds. Each player is given a fixed weapon for each round, depending on his individual progress. Each player can progress one gun per round by making at least one kill.
Csgo icon deathmatch.png Deathmatch
deathmatch deathmatch, dm 16 gamemode_deathmatch.cfg,
Like Armsrace but with free weapon choice and respawns across the map. Kills grant points, depending on the weapon type and if it is currently the bonus weapon. A player wins by scoring the highest after the round's time limit.
Csgo icon training.png Training
training training 1 gamemode_training.cfg,
Assigns clients to CT with no weapon. No round limit, no time limit, no freezetime, minimal HUD. Good for singleplayer maps, used on CS:GO's Training Course.
custom custom 100 - Like Undefined, see below, but if sv_autoexec_mapname_cfg is not 0 (which however it its default value), the CFG file csgo/maps/cfg/<mapname>.cfg is executed with whitelist.
Csgo icon guardian.png Guardian
cooperative guardian, guard,
20 gamemode_competitive.cfg,
Two human players must defend a bombsite as CT or hostages as T against rushing bots. Maps must support this mode to work as intended.
Csgo icon coopstrike.png Co-op Strike
coopmission coop, coopstrike,
10 gamemode_competitive.cfg,
Usually a custom mission for two human players on a custom map that is designed primarily for this mode.
Csgo icon skirmish.png Skirmish
skirmish skirmish 12 - Like Undefined, see below.
Csgo icon dangerzone.png Danger Zone
survival survival 16 gamemode_survival.cfg,
A Battle Royale mode for big maps where players win by being the last man (or team) standing. Maps must be designed for this mode to work as intended.
Map default
- default, auto depends depends This is not a game mode itself, rather a "redirect". The game picks game_type and game_mode from the map's default_game_type and default_game_mode values, defined in either csgo/maps/<mapname>.kv, csgo/gamemodes.txt (under maps/<mapname>/) or csgo/gamemodes_server.txt. If they are defined in more than one of these files, the latter of the named files overrides the former. If they are not defined in any of these, the current type and mode are kept. All official maps use this appropriately (just that competitive maps use Casual).
none of
the above
- - ? - No CFG file is executed, only the whitelisted ConVars are set to their default value. By default this results in game rules like Casual but with no round limit, instead with a time limit of 5 minutes for the game and map. mp_roundtime is also set to 5 minutes.

Game Mode Flags

The ConVar sv_game_mode_flags is used for game mode variations. It can determine more CFG files that will be executed after the game mode CFG files when a map is launched. Its value is read bitwise, meaning that adding values of the following table together results in all associated CFG files being executed.

Value CFG file executed, if existent
4 gamemode_<internal game mode name>_tmm.cfg
32 gamemode_<internal game mode name>_short.cfg
Note.png Note: This works for all game modes except Custom.
Note.png Note: A _short CFG is executed before a _tmm CFG.
Placementtip.gif Example: 
  • If set to 32 and a map is launched in Wingman, it will cause the execution of the CFG file gamemode_scrimcomp2v2_short.cfg.
  • If set to 36 and a map is launched in Wingman, it will cause the execution of the CFG files gamemode_scrimcomp2v2_short.cfg and gamemode_scrimcomp2v2_tmm.cfg, in this order.

Valve currently uses this to implement game mode variations without touching sv_skirmish_id.

Current usage of Game Mode Flags
Game Mode Flags Usage Flags Value
0 4 32
Csgo icon competitive.png Competitive match length default Short Match
Csgo icon deathmatch.png Deathmatch style default Team vs Team Free For All

Exmaple: To play Team vs Team, invoke game_type 1; game_mode 2; sv_game_mode_flags 4; map <mapname>, or shorter: sv_game_mode_flags 4; map <mapname> dm.

Skirmish Modes

War Games are game mode variations.

The ConVar sv_skirmish_id determines the War Game that a map will be launched in. Each War Game can have CFG files associated to it that are executed if a map is launched in that War Game, namely if sv_skirmish_id is set to the ID of that War Game. These CFG files contain only few commands and are executed after the CFG files of a game mode and after the CFG files of the game mode flags. They can be loaded in any game mode, but the intended game mode of a skirimsh CFG file (the ones in the table below) can be found in csgo/scripts/items/items_game.txt and also in the CFG file itself.

To play one of the following game modes, type sv_skirmish_id <number> in the console and launch a map with the intended game mode, see above.
Alternatively, one could also do exec <cfg filename> and mp_restartgame 1 in-game or even write own configs for that matter.

To return to a "pure" game mode found in the above table, set sv_skirmish_id to a value that is not in the following table (intuitively 0), so the game will not load any additional CFG files to a game mode.

Placementtip.gif Example: 
  • To launch Stab Stab Zap on de_dust2, enter sv_skirmish_id 1 and map de_dust2 casual. This is equivalent to sv_skirmish_id 1; game_type 0; game_mode 0; map de_dust2.
  • To launch Competitive on de_dust2 after having played a skirmish mode, enter sv_skirmish_id 0 and map de_dust2 comp. This is equivalent to sv_skirmish_id 0; game_type 0; game_mode 1; map de_dust2.
Note.png Note:  The skirmish IDs 5 and 9 are undefined. However, there are CFG files in csgo/cfg/ that have no associated skirmish ID. They are mentioned at the end of the following table.
Note.png Note:  The information of this table can be found in csgo/scripts/items/items_game.txt under skirmish_modes.
War Game skirmish
Internal Name Intended Game Mode CFG filenames executed with whitelist Description
Stab Stab Zap
stabstabzap Casual op08_stab_stab_zap.cfg Only knives, recharging taser and grenades.
Free For All
dm_freeforall Deathmatch gamemode_dm_freeforall.cfg Like Deathmatch, but teammates are enemies.
Note.png Note: The official FFA Deathmatch mode is not this skirmish mode, see #Game Mode Flags.
Csgo icon skirmish flyingscoutsman.png Flying Scoutsman
flyingscoutsman Casual op08_flying_scoutsman.cfg Only scouts and knives, low gravity, high precision.
Trigger Discipline
triggerdiscipline Casual op08_trigger_discipline.cfg Gunshots that a player does not hit an enemy with damage himself down to a minimum of 1 HP.
Boom! Headshot!
headshots Deathmatch op08_headshots.cfg Helmets are disabled and bodyshots deal no damage, causing a small spark effect instead of blood.
huntergatherers Deathmatch op08_hunter_gatherers.cfg Team deathmatch with collecting dogtags: Killed enemies will drop dogtags that anyone can pick up. Collecting dogtags from the enemy team awards victory points. Killing enemies with the Deathmatch bonus weapon makes them drop an extra dogtag. The team with the most victory points at the end of the time limit wins.
Heavy Assault Suit
heavyassaultsuit Casual op08_heavy_assault_suit.cfg Heavy armor can be purchased for $6000.
Obsolete small.png Deprecated:  The item is no longer accessible in the buy menu, but can still be bought with the command buy heavyarmor while not owning a rifle.
Csgo icon skirmish armsrace.png Arms Race
armsrace Arms Race - Equivalent to Arms Race.
demolition Demolition - Equivalent to Demolition.
Csgo icon skirmish retakes.png Retakes
retakes Casual gamemode_retakecasual.cfg Each round, 3 Terrorists spawn on a bomb site with a bomb being planted and 4 CTs spawn at fixed locations around it or on the other bomb spot. Each player can choose a loadout card at round start.
Warning.png Warning:  If there is exactly one bombsite, the game crashes with a probability of 50 %.
- Arms Race op08_bloodletter.cfg Dealing damage heals you 100 % of the damage dealt (max 200). Players take non-lethal damage over time while they are alive.
Bounty Hunter
- Deathmatch op08_bounty_hunter.cfg All players are enemies, killed enemies will drop dogtags that anyone can pick up. Killing players awards less points. Collecting dogtags awards additional Deathmatch points.
Team Deathmatch
- Deathmatch op08_team_deathmatch.cfg Killing enemies is worth team victory points, killing enemies with the Deathmatch bonus weapon awards additional victory points. The team with the most victory points at the end of the time limit wins.
Note.png Note: The official Team Deathmatch mode is not this skirmish mode, see #Game Mode Flags.

Game Mode dependent Events

local nMode = ScriptGetGameMode();
local nType = ScriptGetGameType();

if (nType == 0 && nMode == 2)
  // code executed only in Wingman
  // code executed only in any other game mode

In VScript, there are the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive specific VScript functions ScriptGetGameType() and ScriptGetGameMode() which return the current integer value of game_type and game_mode.

Note.png Note:  This is independent of the current value of sv_skirmish_id.

These allow VScript structures such as the one on the right. With this concept, one can manipulate gameplay depending on the current game mode, which is a really powerful tool to make other game modes such as Co-op Strike work.

Idea:  When making a map, you can create a VScript exclusively for that map and use this concept to make game mode dependent changes to: the map flow, player spawns, gamerules and much more. For example, it is possible to make closed areas on a map that are opened up only in some game modes, such as Deathmatch and Armsrace.