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maxplayers is a console variable available in all Source Source games. maxplayers is a server console variable that determines the maximum number of players that can join a game. It cannot be changed while a server is running.

The absolute player limit of Source is 255, though the number supported by most games is far lower. Usually the limit is 32.

Warning.pngWarning:In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, maxplayers is deprecated. Set it in gamemodes_server.txt.example or use the launch option -maxplayers_override <number> instead.
Warning.pngWarning:In Counter-Strike 2 Counter-Strike 2, maxplayers_override is deprecated. Use the launch option -maxplayers <number> instead.


The engine can be put into single-player mode by setting maxplayers to 1 before a game starts. This bridges the normal client-server divide in several areas, eliminating latency and interpolation and opening backdoors like the one used by the inverse kinematics system.

The entity indices 1 to <maxplayers> are reserved for player entities (0 is worldspawn).