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CS:GO Bugs

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This page documents information about a game or software, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, that is no longer available for purchase or download digitally.
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This is the list of bugs in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Since CS:GO is no longer actively developed and maintained as of Jan 1, 2024, it is unlikely that most of the bugs will be fixed.

Player Movement

  • Grenades may uphold airborne players. As seen here.
  • Crouching is tied to tickrate shown here.
  • Jump+Crouch (Crouch Jump) will often result in a huge frame drop.
  • Players can get stuck on <90° corners. They should not be hugging the wall. Maybe it's caused by the game miscalculating collisions.
  • Players can get stuck (stopped when in mid-air; sometimes they can even "hang" when holding movement and angles) on diagonal walls whose area is parallel to the z-axis (and not parallel to the x- or y-axis). If the wall is sloped just a tiny bit (no longer parallel to z-axis), this is no longer an issue.


  • The weaponmodel sometimes doesn't change with GUI if the weapon is switched at start of round.
  • It's no longer possible to join nearby public lobbies with offline status.
  • Spectator's view occasionally appear that the other players are crouched when they aren't.
  • Enemies are shown on radar when starting server with the -nobots command line option.
  • Demos recorded using tv_autorecord 1 command are crashing game client.
  • When playing with a bot: If you shoot the enemy, die and take control of the bot. The bot is awarded with an assist when the enemy is killed.
  • Chickens do block bullets and view, possibly hindering gameplay in rare cases.


  • Overview bombsite icons align to the brush center rather than the overview txt.
  • Some HUD elements lose alpha between matches and may be retrieved by pressing Esc or the chat button.
  • Pressing G to hide players on HUD while spectating significantly lowers FPS.
  • Language setting via Steam doesn't affect language.
  • Steam username with ' is shown as "'" in the chat in-game.
  • Votebox sometimes freezes.


  • env_fires often don't appear in-game, hindering gameplay in some areas. Example: Car on A long on the old Dust II.
  • Unable to press buttons through clip brushes.
  • trigger_bomb_reset will reset the C4 while the player is in the trigger, but puts it floating on top of the trigger as the player moves away.
  • Disabling prop_dynamic doesn't disable the hitbox/collision.
  • func_door and func_movelinear (probably more entities) don't do any damage to the blocking player (with enabled force block damage) if they passed through some trigger_teleport to the destination by using noclip, blocking damage works again for that player if they pass through any teleport by themself without noclip.
  • Item item_assaultsuit fell out of level at *,*,* in console regardless of presence.
  • Hard falloff and maximum distance of light doesn't work.

Level Design

  • The workshop publisher cuts off the map description when updating.
  • The workshop publisher does not include 🖿/resource/overview/[map name] or 🖿/resource/overview/[map name] when packing the map. These files must be packed manually, using VIDE or another packing tool.
  • No way to have decals on unsolid brushes.
  • Brushes made while a vertex-complex brush is selected won't align vertexes to grid.
  • If a displacement is cut after being created it won't noise on Z.
  • $lod is not supported or is broken.

Sound and Music

  • Sounds played with ambient_generic play fully at the position that they were started at. They can't move.
  • Since around 2017 (or possibly earlier with the introduction of Music Kit update as far back as 2014), nearly all of the CS:GO second soundtrack "valve_csgo_02" (with the exception of second menu theme), no longer plays, this issues is also carried over Counter-Strike 2 Counter-Strike 2 during it's Closed Beta stage, aka Limited Test Release (until the release, which cuts the entire CS:GO soundtracks but still left unused in game files).
    • List of the broken soundtracks: Defend the Bombsite, Black Market Guns, Team Selection, Storm the Front, etc...