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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Level Creation

Weapons Expert (internally: scrimcomp5v5) is a game mode in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, that was added in OpHydra.pngOperation Hydra.

To launch a map in this game mode one can use console commands game_type 0; game_mode 3; map <mapname>, or shorter: map <mapname> scrimcomp5v5.

Tip.pngTip: This game mode does not have an icon for the loading screen, but the game searches it, so one can ship their own icon at csgo/materials/panorama/images/icons/ui/scrimcomp5v5.svg.

Game Mode Description

// Base mode: gamemode_competitive.cfg
// * Each weapon is only purchasable once.

mp_weapons_max_gun_purchases_per_weapon_per_match	1
mp_freezetime						20  // was 15
mp_maxrounds						20
mp_items_prohibited					11,38
cash_team_loser_bonus					1900

This game mode is equal to CS:GO/CS2 Competitive Competitive but with the following exceptions. The code on the right is the content of the CFG file csgo/cfg/op08_weapons_expert.cfg which represent the only differences to Competitive.

  • Every player and each bot can buy each weapon at most once per match (unless it's warmup) which is set with the ConVar mp_weapons_max_gun_purchases_per_weapon_per_match. This ConVar only affects the buying of guns and pistols, it does not affect grenades and equipment, where equipment means the items Kevlar Vest, Kevlar + Helmet, the Zeus x27 and the Defuse Kit or Rescue Kit. The restrictions remain over the half time, so if a player has bought the AWP in the first half, they cannot buy it in the second half. In addition, the restriction is item-wise and not slot-wise, so if a player has bought the Desert Eagle in the first half, they can still buy the R8 Revolver in the second half, assuming they equipped them this way. The same applies to the item slots of the CZ75-Auto and the MP5-SD.
  • The freezetime is a bit longer to encourage coordinated buying.
  • Best of 20 rounds instead of 30.
  • The autosnipers G3SG1 and Scar-20 cannot be bought, done with the ConVar mp_items_prohibited.
  • The team loser bonus is $1900 instead of $1400.