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Autoexec is a CFG file for launching a game with set convars that will get automatically executed on launch.

To create an autoexec create a text document named 'autoexec' and save it with a .cfg extension. Place it inside your game / mod's cfg folder. Place all the convars inside the file with each convar on a seperate line. For example:

cl_showfps 1
maxplayers 1
sv_cheats 1

Note.png Note: 
Explain the operation in more detail.
* Server execute ...cfg/autoexec.cfg file once, on server startup, before first map is loaded.
* From this config file, you can use console variables which would not work while map is loaded or it require map change.
  - For one example, sv_pure is one of those. This cvar require map change when setting change.
sv_pure set to 0.
Note: Waiting for the next changelevel to apply the current value.
  - Problem is, if there are players on server, before sv_pure setting take effect, players are going to experience lot of bugs and glitch on next map.
    So, change sv_pure from ...cfg/autoexec.cfg or from launch parameter: +sv_pure 1