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An alias is a console command that invokes other commands. Aliases will only act for the game session in which they are called upon in; however, binds in an alias can last if your config.cfg is not set to read only. It is common for aliases to be defined in the autoexec.cfg file, or, in the case of Team Fortress 2, in the class config files that are executed when a class is chosen

An alias can have two states, + and -


alias "+ThirdPerson" "ThirdPerson"
alias "-ThirdPerson" "FirstPerson"
alias "ZoomON"		"+zoom; alias ZoomToggle ZoomOFF"
alias "ZoomOFF"		"-zoom; alias ZoomToggle ZoomON"
alias "ZoomToggle"	"ZoomON"
alias "FoVx85" "FoV 85; alias FoVxIN FoVx85; alias FoVxOUT FoVx90"
alias "FoVx90" "FoV 90; alias FoVxIN FoVx85; alias FoVxOUT FoVx95"
alias "FoVx95" "FoV 95; alias FoVxIN FoVx90; alias FoVxOUT FoVx95"
alias "FoVxIN" "FoVx90"
alias "FoVxOUT" "FoVx90"

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