CSGO Game Mode Commands

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Level Creation

Here is the table of official game modes and its console commands in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Type the commands into the console before loading a map by using the "map <mapname>" console command, or before changing a map by using the "changelevel <mapname>" console command.

Tip:Set Launch Options can be used. (e.g: +game_type <number> +game_mode <number> +map <mapname>)
Game Mode game_type game_mode
Casual (default) 0 0
Competitive / Scrimmage 0 1
Wingman 0 2
Arms Race 1 0
Demolition 1 1
Deathmatch 1 2
Custom 3 any (?)
Guardian 4 0
Co-op Strike 4 1
Danger Zone 6 0