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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Level Creation

Here is the table of official game modes and its console commands in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The game uses the values of game_type, game_mode and sv_skirmish_id to determine .cfg files with commands that it executes when a map is loaded with the map or changelevel command. If these values are not set before loading a map, it results in the last gamemode played. The initial values of game_type, game_mode and sv_skirmish_id are 0 (Casual).

To launch a map with a desired game mode, adjust the values of game_type, game_mode and sv_skirmish_id according to the tables below. After that, load a map by using the map <mapname> or changelevel <mapname> console command.

Tip.png Tip:  The map and changelevel commands have an optional gamemode parameter. Example: map de_dust2 deathmatch or changelevel myCustomMap coop. If such a gamemode parameter is given and if it is valid, the game will adjust game_type and game_mode and launch the map with the associated gamemode.
Tip.png Tip:  You can define aliases, for example alias dust2retake "game_type 0; game_mode 0; sv_skirmish_id 12; map de_dust2". Useful for autoexecs and/or custom maps.
Tip.png Tip:  Set Launch Options can be used, e.g: +game_type <number> +game_mode <number> +map <mapname>
Warning.png Warning:  If you want to test your local Competitive/Wingman/Weapon Expert map with bots, make sure to set bot_quota_mode to a different value other than the new value competitive, which (also) stops bots. Also adjust bot_quota (default: 10 for Competitive, 4 for Wingman). A way to permanently get back the bot joining behavior before 01/07/2021 for all of the three gamemodes is copy-pasting the configs gamemode_competitive_offline.cfg and gamemode_competitive2v2_offline.cfg and renaming them from _offline.cfg to _server.cfg, unless you already use such a file in a different way.

Game Type and Game Mode

Note.png Note:  Unless you want to load a Skirmish Mode, make sure sv_skirmish_id is (e.g.) 0.
Tip.png Tip:  The .cfg files ending with _server.cfg don't exist locally by default. You can create them and write commands into them that will be executed if you locally launch the corresponding gamemode.
Note.png Note:  The information of this table can be found in csgo/gamemodes.txt.
Game Mode game_type game_mode map command optional parameter .cfg filenames executed, if existant
Casual (default) 0 0 casual gamemode_casual.cfg,
Competitive / Scrimmage 0 1 competitive gamemode_competitive.cfg,
gamemode_competitive_offline.cfg (only via "Offline with Bots")
Wingman 0 2 scrimcomp2v2 gamemode_competitive2v2.cfg,
gamemode_competitive2v2_offline.cfg (only via "Offline with Bots")
Weapon Expert 0 3 scrimcomp5v5 gamemode_competitive.cfg,
Arms Race 1 0 armsrace, gungameprogressive gamemode_armsrace.cfg,
Demolition 1 1 demolition, gungametrbomb gamemode_demolition.cfg,
Deathmatch 1 2 deathmatch gamemode_deathmatch.cfg,
Training 2 0 training gamemode_training.cfg,
Custom 3 0 custom -
Guardian 4 0 guardian, cooperative gamemode_competitive.cfg,
Co-op Strike 4 1 coop, coopstrike, coopmission gamemode_competitive.cfg,
Skirmish 5 0 skirmish -
Danger Zone 6 0 survival gamemode_survival.cfg,

Skirmish Modes

If sv_skirmish_id is set to a value that can be found in the following table, it will load an additional .cfg file associated to the ID. These .cfg files are supposed to be loaded to a specific base gamemode, which is mentioned as a comment in the first lines as well as in scripts/items/items_game.txt. Anyway, it is possible to use any base gamemode.

To play one of the following game modes, hit sv_skirmish_id <number> in the console and launch your map with the base gamemode, see above.
For example: To launch Stab Stab Zap on de_dust2, enter sv_skirmish_id 1 and map de_dust2 casual. This is equivalent to the commands sv_skirmish_id 1, game_type 0, game_mode 0 and map de_dust2.
To return to a "pure" gamemode from the above table, use a skirmish ID that is not on this table (intuitively 0), so the game will not load any additional .cfg files to a gamemode.

Note.png Note:  The skirmish IDs 2, 5 and 9 are undefined. However, there are .cfg files in cfg/ that have no associated skirmish ID. They are mentioned at the end of the following table. They probably were the modes for the skirmish IDs 2, 5 and 9.
Note.png Note:  The information of this table can be found in scripts/items/items_game.txt.
Game Mode sv_skirmish_id Intended Base Gamemode .cfg filenames executed Description
Stab Stab Zap 1 Casual op08_stab_stab_zap.cfg Only knives and recharging taser.
Flying Scoutsman 3 Casual op08_flying_scoutsman.cfg Only scouts and knives, low gravity, high precision.
Trigger Discipline 4 Casual op08_trigger_discipline.cfg Missing shots damage yourself down to 1 HP.
Boom! Headshot! 6 Deathmatch op08_headshots.cfg Bodyshots deal no damage.
Hunter-Gatherers 7 Deathmatch op08_hunter_gatherers.cfg Team deathmatch with collecting dogtags.
Heavy Assault Suit 8 Casual op08_heavy_assault_suit.cfg Heavy armor can be purchased for 6000 $.
Bug.png Bug:  The item is not in the buy menu. Use buy heavyarmor while not holding a rifle.
Arms Race 10 Arms Race - Equivalent to Arms Race.
Demolition 11 Demolition - Equivalent to Demolition.
Retakes 12 Casual gamemode_retakecasual.cfg 3 T's vs. 4 CT's, retake scenario.
Warning.png Warning:  Game crashes if the map has exactly one bomb site and no adjustments for the gamemode.
Bloodletter - Arms Race op08_bloodletter.cfg Dealing damage heals you 100 % of the damage dealt (max 200). Players take non-lethal damage over time while they are alive.
Bounty Hunter - Deathmatch op08_bounty_hunter.cfg All players are enemies, killed enemies will drop dogtags that anyone can pick up. Killing players awards less points. Collecting dogtags awards additional DM points.
Team Deathmatch - Deathmatch op08_team_deathmatch.cfg Killing enemies is worth team victory points, killing enemies with the DM bonus weapon awards additional victory points. The team with the most victory points at the end of the time limit wins.