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Инструменты мастерской SteamVR

SteamVR Home Инструменты мастерской SteamVR позволят вам создавать и делиться разными окружениями для SteamVR Home: фотограмметрическими сценами, игровыми мирами или чем нибудь еще, что может быть представлено 3D моделью.

Чтобы запустить нструменты мастерской SteamVR, зайдите в SteamVR Status Menu > Мастерская > Создать/Изменить среду исполнения.

Creator Resources

  • Introduction - An overview of the various concepts behind the SteamVR Workshop tools - while intended for complete beginners, there should be something useful here for everyone, from seasoned game developers unfamiliar with the engine to long-term Source 1 game modders.

Environment Tutorial

  • Part One: Hammer and Basic Lighting - First part of a series of tutorials covering the construction of a SteamVR Home environment depicting a real place, starting with basics such as building the basic geometry, simple (but effective) lighting, and going all the way to making near-photorealistic materials and physics props.
  • Part Two: Materials, Details and Props - Second part, covering the creation of new materials (including an introduction to the Physically Based Rendering system used in SteamVR Home) and on adding details to the map.


  • Get Started - Learn the basics of creating a SteamVR Home enviornment – from creating a floor and a light to adding models and teleport meshes.
  • Add SteamVR Quick Panels - Learn how to add the Friends, Rooms, and Recent Apps panel to your environment in the Workshop tools.

Создание 3D окружения

  • Model Editor - Learn to create, view, and edit models with the Model Editor.
  • Materials - Learn how to use the Material Editor to create and edit materials.
  • Particles - Learn the basics of creating particles with the Particle Editor.
  • Triggers, Animation, and Sound - Recreate the Turret Singers environment and learn how to use triggers, animations, and sound for your own environments.
  • Adding Sound - A guide on adding sounds to your environment.
  • Adding a Welcome Panel - A guide to adding a simple information panel and globe, and touching on more advanced entity logic and Panorama aspects.
  • Adding Fog - Learn how to add fog to your environment using the new env_gradient_fog entity.
  • Adding Overlays - Learn how to add overlays to your environment and models in SteamVR Home.
  • Precomputed Visibility - An introduction to the new visibility determination system, useful for improving rendering performance in large, expansive maps with multiple rooms and areas.
  • Light Cookies - An explanation of what light cookies are and how to apply them to your spotlights.
  • Advanced Interaction - A guide to creating advanced interactions via the point_value_remapper entity.

Создание фотограмметрического окружения

  • Photogrammetry tips - Background on the photogrammetry process, as well as tips and tricks for a good capture.
  • Regard3D - Regard3D is a free, open-source, multi-platform photogrammetry tool. Page is a brief summary of information from the Regard3D website.


Сторонние приложения и Source 2


  • Entity Guide - Usage of entities in SteamVR Home compared to legacy games
  • Shaders - The parameters available for a material are determined by its shader.
  • Sky - An HDR panorama used for 2D skyboxes.
  • VR Simple - A simple diffuse-only shader with no normal maps or specular lighting.
  • VR Standard - The main shader used by most materials. A PBR shader with many features.
  • VR Unlit - An unlit shader mainly useful for photogrammetry.
  • VR Wireframe Hologram - Hologram Wireframe Shader backported from Half-Life: Alyx.

Additional Resources

  • Asset Browser - Overview of the Asset Browser - the hub of SteamVR Workshop Tools.
  • Using Hammer - Overview of Hammer - SteamVR Workshop Tools's level editor.
  • Panorama - An overview of using Panorama to create UI.