Mapping with Zombies

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Mapping with zombies

To start off, Zombies should:

  • Not appear in a place that the player can directly see.
  • Be at a disadvantage, (Height, Flames, Small numbers, etc.)
  • Be very maneuverable.

The Art of Spawning

The player should never be able to directly see where the zombie came into existence. Another good idea, is to use something eye-catching to make the player look the wrong way. Zombies, when used best come unexpected on the player, but always give a hint, a blood decal or the odd moan, coming from around a corner, played from an ambient_generic.


Lighting can always be used to tell the player that something's wrong. But you should always give the player a rest. Safe areas are normally well lit with yellowy lights. Whereas gloomy areas which contain zombies should use blue, or even no light. For more information on lighting, go to Intermediate_Lighting


When confronted with a horde of zombies, the player needs an edge, be it height or an area blocked off by fire. Sometimes the best disadvantage can even be in the form of a door, or drainpipe. Creating choke points that feed zombies to the player one at a time, making it a lot more manageable. Other options include giving the players physics props such as sawblades to throw at the zombies, or other props such as the flares from Half Life 2: Episode 1.


Zombies are always at their worst, when they can leap around. It adds to the experience if you come up against zombies crawling across drainpipes, and leaping from one building to another. Think about Left4Dead. The hunter is always pouncing from high roof-tops towards his prey. Just remember, you don't want too may fast zombies pouncing on the player, it's easy to get overwhelmed!