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The Strata Source engine branch Strata Source engine branch is a third-party Source branch using licenced Source Engine code. It is a modified version of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive engine branch that combines the features of both CS:GO and the Portal 2 engine branch, along with many improvements that bring Source close to modern standards. This engine branch is still in active development.


Feature list from Chaos Initiative's Wiki
New since Counter-Strike: Global Offensive engine branch Counter-Strike: Global Offensive engine branch:

Native DirectX 11 renderer
Support for DX11 by default
DXVK support on Linux for both DirectX 9 and 11
64-bit support
Support for 64-bit. 32-bit has been dropped
PBR shading
Uses shaders to attempt to more accurately simulate real-world light
Ported Portal 2 engine branch Portal 2 engine branch features
Including but not limited to World Portals and Portal gun
Backwards compatibility with BSP v19-20, as well as native BSP v21 support
Backwards compatibiltiy with TF2/HL2 branch models
Source 2013 Source 2013 uses a different model format, now supported
.webm video support, replacing older Bink videos
Increased framerate, lower file sizes, and easier to author
Many improvements to Linux support
Fully cross platform engine tools and utils
Steam Audio
Many improvements to the Hammer level editor
Many code quality improvements (Refactors, cleanup and C++20)
Sentry crash report integration


Third-Party games

Source code for this version is not available, however authoring tools exist in each game provided in this list

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