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Below is just some references I made for myself as to what sections I'm looking into touching up and what stuff I've changed recently.

My Checklist

Older changes:

TF2/Flag Based Goal Systems
Team Fortress 2 Level Creation
Left 4 Dead
TF2: Creating a Spawnroom
Image Hosting Sites
File Hosting Sites
Category:HL2 Third Party Mods (Category is marked for deletion, so I removed the link. --MossyBucket (formerly Andreasen) 03:39, 5 February 2011 (UTC))
Navigation Meshes
Category:Level Design
Your First Left 4 Dead Map
Common L4D Mapping Problems‎
TF2 Flag Game Types
Half-Life 2 Level Creation‎
Counter-Strike: Source Level Creation
Hammer Editor version history
Hammer Hotkey Reference‎
Installing Blender
Blender Modelling Walkthrough
Level Design Video Tutorials

My Experiments / Articles ideas / Works in progress:

Object Properties Wiki Table Syntax
List Test
Thumbnails and image scaling
Sky List idea
Choosing the proper image format
Light Types by Example
My TF2 Mapping Config
Source SDK index idea
List of TF2 Entities

To Do:

Break up the Targetname section? Better examples?
User Inputs and Outputs
Cleanup example 2
Add info on spawn areas and resupply items
L4D Mapping Notes‎
Finish up sections and split off into complete articles
Making a functioning ladder
WIP: Reword, add more info (if original author doesn't)
Sky List and Category:Skybox
finish going through the list and change links pointing to the master sky list to the individual game's sky lists instead
Half-Life 2 Level Creation
Update page
Level Transitions
Work on layout, add info, currently a stub