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TF2 does not support the standard ladder entity, however it is possible to fake a ladder by creating a very narrow staircase.

Representing the ladder

To start off make a prop_static and set the world model to models/props_c17/metalladder002.mdl. If you not happy with this particular model, open the model browser and type in ladder to search for some, there are a few different models. You can also make a ladder prop out of brushes or use the ladder texture on a single brush face.


Faking the ladder climb

Next, create a brush 16 units high using the player clip texture. Use the player clip bushes to make a stack of blocks making sure each higher block is one unit "behind" the lower one. The players will climb these 16 unit high brushes as stairs.


More options

Too keep them from going too far out once you reach the bottom select the no clip blocks group them and then compress them as long as the top step sticks out past where the prop ends and each block still has a small lip it will work just fine. There you have it a good looking climbable ladder.