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My Team Fortress 2 Mapping Config

//For using the crosshair to find out a surface's texture name and distance from the player
alias distancealias "developer 1; surfaceprop; wait 750; developer 0"

bind "p" "distancealias"
bind "KP_SLASH" "sv_cheats 1"
bind "KP_MINUS" "noclip"

// This cancels "Waiting for players" and removes 20 seconds from both teams respawn wait time
bind "KP_MULTIPLY" "mp_waitingforplayers_cancel 1; ent_fire tf_gamerules addredteamrespawnwavetime -20; ent_fire tf_gamerules addblueteamrespawnwavetime -20; mp_teams_unbalance_limit 16"

bind "KP_INS" "disconnect"

bind "6" "cl_showpos 1"
bind "7" "cl_showpos 0"
bind "8" "net_graph 1"
bind "9" "net_graph 0"

// Sets the round time to 10 minutes
bind "=" "ent_fire team_round_timer SetTime 600"

// Sets the round time to 5 seconds
bind "-" "ent_fire team_round_timer SetTime 5"

bind "INS" "hurtme -100"
bind "DEL" "give item_ammopack_full"

// Bot creation and control script

bind "KP_PLUS" "bot_mimic 1"
bind "KP_ENTER" "bot_mimic 0"
bind "PGUP" "bot_mimic_yaw_offset 0"
bind "PGDN" "bot_mimic_yaw_offset 180"

alias botbluescout "bot -team blue -class scout"
alias botbluesniper "bot -team blue -class sniper"
alias botbluesoldier "bot -team blue -class soldier"
alias botbluedemoman "bot -team blue -class demoman"
alias botbluemedic "bot -team blue -class medic"
alias botbluehwguy "bot -team blue -class heavyweapons"
alias botbluepyro "bot -team blue -class pyro"
alias botbluespy "bot -team blue -class spy"
alias botblueengineer "bot -team blue -class engineer"

alias botredscout "bot -team red -class scout"
alias botredsniper "bot -team red -class sniper"
alias botredsoldier "bot -team red -class soldier"
alias botreddemoman "bot -team red -class demoman"
alias botredmedic "bot -team red -class medic"
alias botredhwguy "bot -team red -class heavyweapons"
alias botredpyro "bot -team red -class pyro"
alias botredspy "bot -team red -class spy"
alias botredengineer "bot -team red -class engineer"

alias BOTBLUETEAM "bind KP_END botbluescout; bind KP_DOWNARROW botbluesoldier; bind KP_PGDN botbluepyro; bind KP_LEFTARROW botbluedemoman; bind KP_5 botbluehwguy; bind KP_RIGHTARROW botblueengineer; bind KP_HOME botbluemedic; bind KP_UPARROW botbluesniper; bind KP_PGUP botbluespy; developer 1; echo ***I AM ON BLUE TEAM***; wait 900; developer 0"

alias BOTREDTEAM "bind KP_END botredscout; bind KP_DOWNARROW botredsoldier; bind KP_PGDN botredpyro; bind KP_LEFTARROW botreddemoman; bind KP_5 botredhwguy; bind KP_RIGHTARROW botredengineer; bind KP_HOME botredmedic; bind KP_UPARROW botredsniper; bind KP_PGUP botredspy; developer 1; echo ***I AM ON RED TEAM***; wait 900; developer 0"

// For switching the team a bot spawns on
bind "n" "BOTREDTEAM"
bind "m" "BOTBLUETEAM"