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Tf2 cpl guide 00.png

From the Hammer editor: Cap Layout, a string that tells the HUD how to lay out the cap points. It should be a string with indexes of cap points separated by commas to denote a new line. So 2,0 1 would create a pyramid, with cap point 2 on the top and cap points 0 & 1 on the bottom.

The cap layout value in the team_control_point_master entity does not change anything other then the layout of the control points on the HUD.

General guidelines

For the three cap layout examples below, assume that you're dealing with a three control point map with the team_control_point entities having these index settings:

 0 = Red's Final Control Point
 1 = Neutral Center Control Point
 2 = Blue's Final Control Point
Tf2 cpl guide 01.gif
  • The cap layout box is blank by default, by leaving it blank, the control points will be laid out on the HUD in a line from left to right, least to greatest, by order of their assigned index values. With a blank cap layout, the HUD would look like this in-game:
Tf2 cpl guide 02.gif
  • You can rearrange the order of the control points in the HUD by altering the order of their index values in the cap layout box

2 0 1

for your cap layout would give you this instead of the above:
Tf2 cpl guide 03.gif
  • The control points can also be arranged in a vertical layout on the HUD by separating the index values with commas; all values to the right of the comma would lie underneath the values to the left of the comma.
If you had


for the cap layout, you would see this in-game:

More examples

  Cap layout setting   In-game appearance
0 2,1

Tf2 cpl guide 04.gif

1 3,0 2 4

Tf2 cpl guide 05.gif

2,0 1 3 4

Tf2 cpl guide 06.gif

0 1,2,3 4

Tf2 cpl guide 07.gif

0,1 2 3,4

Tf2 cpl guide 08.gif