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Hammer light.jpg
Ingame light.jpg

This creates an omnidirectional light source, useful for adding additional light to a room. This is not commonly used as a primary light source, despite what it's name might seem to imply.


Hammer light spot.jpg
Ingame light spot.jpg

This creates a cone based light source in game. This is the most commonly used lighting entity.


Hammer light environment.jpg
Ingame light environment.jpg

This entity causes all tools/skybox textures to emit light from the angle specified inside the property settings. This is primarily used for outdoor sky lighting. Only one light_environment should be used inside a level.


Hammer env sun.jpg
Ingame env sun.jpg

This does not emit light itself, but is used to create the appearance of a sun or moon in an outdoor environment.


Hammer point spotlight.jpg
Ingame point spotlight.jpg

Used for creating a halo and cone shaped "light beam" effect that is usually found on spotlights.


Hammer env sprite.jpg
Ingame env sprite.jpg

Used to create a ball shaped "glow" or halo effect around light sources.


Hammer func dustmotes.jpg
Ingame func dustmotes.jpg

Used for creating the appearance of dust particles floating inside a lighted area.


Hammer env flare.jpg
Ingame env flare.jpg

Creates a flickering light source similar in appearance to a road flare.


Hammer env fire.jpg
Ingame env fire.jpg

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Hammer env embers.jpg
Ingame env embers.jpg

Creates the floating fire embers particle effect. The image on the right was created using a weak light entity just below an env_fire.