Portal 2 Puzzle Maker/Common Issues

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Building issues

If when you try to build your level you get an error that says unable to build level it is most likely you have created something the editor can't render.

Examples of this is:

  • Having too many items on your map. To fix this just remove some items on your map.
  • The map you are working on in the editor may disappear completely, sometimes from zooming in/out and will not come back.
  • When an open door is reflected in goo, you can see the 2 sides of the door that go into the wall (You are not suppose to see when the door is open)
  • If an enabled funnel is pointed at the entrance way, it will come through the 2nd entrance door.

If you have Portal 2 Authoring Tools installed, verify the game files. Do this by opening Steam and right-clicking on Portal 2 Authoring Tools, then select Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of Tool Cache. It will then download any broken or missing files. If this doesn't work, you can try uninstalling the Portal 2 Authoring Tools.

Item Entity Costs

Large puzzles with many items may result in a "too many items" error. The item limit is set at 1750 items, though what this actually refers to is what are known as entities within the Source engine. Many of the test elements are actually comprised of multiple entities, the total cost of which is noted on their individual pages.

If you receive this error, you can see the error message noting the exact number of entities your map used by opening the Developer Console. For further information on troubleshooting this error, there is a detailed thread for it on the Portal 2 Steam Forums.

To do: flesh out this section with information drawn from the forum thread and remove the link when done

Other Issues

Currently, these can only be fixed by editing the relevant instances in Hammer.

  • Portal bumping around the edges of glass
  • Passing cubes through grating by using an excursion funnel
  • Passing cubes through glass panels placed over a portalable surface under certain circumstances

To do: add any additional glitches that are Puzzlemaker-specific