Portal 2 Puzzle Maker: Wall Hazards

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This article contains content specific to the Portal 2 Puzzle Maker. For the Authoring Tools equivalent, see Emancipation Grid and Discouragement Field.
A fizzler or "Emancipation Grid".
A laser field or "Discouragement Field".

Wall hazards are testing elements in Portal puzzles. They include Fizzlers (also known as Emancipation Grids) and Laser Fields. They are generally used to prevent a player or object from passing, or at least to prevent a player from passing without thinking first.

Item Properties

Entity Cost: 14, plus 9 per block of size beyond the first

  • Hazard Type
    • Fizzler: Turquoise field. When the player passes through, both of their portals are removed. When other testing elements such as cubes pass through the field, they are fizzled. Fizzlers also block portal shots.
    • Laserfield: Red horizontally striped field. When the player passes through, they are killed. Does not block portals and will not damage cubes or any other testing elements.
  • Start Enabled
    • If checked, the hazard will start enabled when the level begins

Editor Adjustments

  • The size of the hazard can be adjusted by dragging the white arrows at the edges of the item
  • What area of the panel the hazard extends from can be adjusted by dragging the round diamond shaped handle (eight positions)


  • If "Start Enabled" is checked, an active connection will disable the hazard field
  • If "Start Enabled" is not checked, an active connection will enable the hazard field