Portal 2 Puzzle Maker/Shortcuts

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Enter, + Pull surfaces, fill volumes.
- Push surfaces, carve volumes.
P Change portalability of the entire selection at once.
O Invert portalability of the selection.
[ Make entire selection white (portalable).
] Make entire selection black (nonportalable).
K Connect item (Same as RMB -> Connect To...)
F9 Rebuild and enter game view.
Tab Switch back and forth to and from the game view. If you have made edits, you will need to rebuild.
Space + LMB Insta-drag selected surfaces and volumes.
CTRL + LMB Copies the clicked element. Drag to move the copy and release the mouse button to drop it.
W A S D Move camera.
Q, Shift + A Rotate camera left.
E, Shift + D Rotate camera right.
RMB Click for context menu, drag to pan camera.
MMB Drag to rotate camera.
Shift + MMB Drag to pan camera.
Home, H Restore default camera view.