Portal 2 Puzzle Maker: Piston Platform

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The Piston Platform in the Puzzle Maker.
The Piston Platform in-game.

Piston Platforms are testing elements in Portal 2. They move vertically in 128 unit increments, up to a limit of 512 vertical units. Piston Platforms can be placed in goo (to make a retractable bridge for instance). When retracting, cubes or the player will be destroyed if they are caught under the Platform. If no inputs are added, the Platform will move to the second position when the player stands on the top surface.

Item Properties

Entity Cost: 44

  • Connect to...
    • Opens a pointer to select a test element that activates the Piston Platform.
  • Remove connections
    • Shows existing connections to other test elements and allows to delete these.
  • Delete item
    • Deletes the Piston Platform.
  • Portalable
    • This will not affect the map in any way.
  • Pull surface
    • Moves the selected Piston Platform further into the room together with the wall/ceiling/floor block behind it.
  • Push surface
    • Pushes the selected Piston Platform out of the room together with the wall/ceiling/floor block behind it.

Editor Adjustments

  • The height the platform raises to can be adjusted by dragging the arrow above the platform up and down.


  • The raised height of the platform cannot be altered from the value set in the editor via inputs.
  • Be wary of exceeding the item limit when using Piston Platforms--they consume the most entities of any testing element.