Portal 2 Puzzle Maker: Deadly Goo

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This article contains content specific to the Portal 2 Puzzle Maker. For the Authoring Tools equivalent, see Slime Water.
The Deadly Goo in the Puzzle Maker.
The Deadly Goo in-game.

Deadly Goo is a hazard used in Portal and Portal 2. Falling in Deadly Goo will kill the player in a few seconds. It will also destroy any physics objects in a similar way to an Emancipation Grid.

Item Properties

Entity Cost: 1

Note: entity cost is per pit, regardless of the size of the pit.

This item has no properties to set.


Deadly Goo can only be placed in a sealed pit containing no other items (exceptions are the Piston Platform, which can be placed in a Deadly Goo pool of 1 block depth, and the Track Platform, which can be placed so only the arm is submerged, as well as angled panels on the edges of the pit). Dragging the icon into an area will instantly fill that area with Deadly Goo. Dragging the icon up or down can increase/decrease the depth of the pool. It is recommended to make your pits at least 2 blocks deep.


Placing two separate pools of Deadly Goo on separate levels in such a way that any part of one is directly above another will cause a bug where the space between the two pools has the Deadly Goo effects (killing the player and fizzling objects), though this will be invisible to the player. Designers encountering this bug are advised to either rearrange the level so that the pools do not overlap, or to replace one of the pools with a Laser Field.

Note.png Note: This has been fixed

Convert to Bottomless Pit

To convert Deadly Goo into a Bottomless Pit, Go into your BEE2.4, Click on "Export Options", Then, click on Skybox and change it to "2D BTS" or "3D Factory". Then, click on Export to PORTAL 2 (Or any game you have chosen). Now, restart Portal 2, and any Deadly Goo that will be placed down will turn into a Bottomless Pit.