Portal 2 Puzzle Maker: Glass

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Glass is a testing element in Portal puzzles. It is used as a barrier to prevent objects from passing. It extends perpendicularly from the edge of the surface on which it's placed, flush with the outer edge of that block.

Item Properties

Entity Cost: 1 per square for Glass, 2 per square for Grating

  • Barrier Type
    • Glass: Clear, solid glass with a diagonal black crosshatch. Cannot be passed by the player or objects, and blocks turret fire (but not line of sight), but Laser Emitter beams will pass through.
    • Grating: Clear mesh grating. Cannot be passed by the player or objects, but will pass portal shots and turret fire will, as well as the following testing elements:

Additionally, the player can USE items such as Pedestal Buttons, Turrets or Cubes through Grating, as long as those objects are within their normal reach. There is a bug in co-op mode where test cubes can easily be picked up through the grating if they are near enough.

Editor Adjustments

  • The size of the barrier can be adjusted by dragging the white arrows at the edges of the item
  • Which of the four edges of the block the barrier extends from can be adjusted by dragging the round rotation handle


Glass and Grating must be anchored to a fixed surface, and will display an error if the surface to which it's attached is removed. Because it occupies space on the inner edge of its attached surface, it will interfere with the placement of other items on that edge, for example, Pedestal Buttons or Light Strips.

Adjacent coplanar panels of Glass or Grating (of the same type) are automatically merged by the editor into a single seamless framed wall, regardless of how many individual "anchor" pieces are placed.