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This article contains content specific to the Portal 2 Puzzle Maker. For the Authoring Tools equivalent, see Cube (Portal 2).
A cube dropper

Cubes are a testing element in Portal puzzles. Common uses of Cubes include weighing down Buttons, blocking Lasers, and knocking over Turrets. The Portal 2 Puzzle Maker includes 4 types of cubes: Weighted, Companion, Edgeless Safety (Sphere), and Franken. Each of these cubes, when placed, creates a Cube Dropper above it automatically. After adding a cube, the dropper can be safely deleted without losing the cube itself.


  • Weighted Storage Cube
    • Standard Aperture Science weighted storage cube
  • Companion Cube
    • Pink variation of the weighted storage cube, with heart iconography replacing the Aperture Science logo. In official levels this cube is used to signify that the player will use it multiple times and should bring it with them, however it has no special properties when compared with the weighted storage cube.
  • Reflection Cube
    • Used to redirect lasers. Can also keep buttons pressed, block turret fire, etc. just like a regular cube.
  • Edgeless Safety Cube
    • Also known as a Sphere, the edgeless safety cube can be used to activate Sphere Buttons. As it is spherical, it tends to roll when not resting on a button.
  • Franken Cube
    • Resembling two turrets fused with a weighted storage cube, the Franken Cube will hop in a straight line forward if placed upright. If placed on a different side, is being held, or if it has been placed on a button, then it has no special properties when compared with a weighted storage cube.

Item Properties

Entity Cost: 4 (for all types)

  • Cube Type
    • Turns this cube into the selected type (Standard, Companion, Reflective, Sphere, Franken)
  • Dropper Enabled
    • If checked, a Cube Dropper of the selected type is automatically placed on the ceiling above this cube
  • Auto-drop First Cube
    • If checked, the Cube Dropper will automatically drop a cube upon beginning the level
  • Auto-respawn Cube
    • If checked, when the associated cube is destroyed, the dropper will drop a new one without needing to be activated


Connections only apply to the Cube Dropper, connections cannot be made to a cube itself.

An active connection will fizzle the current cube, and cause a new one to drop.

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