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The Portal 2 Authoring Tools is a download containing files needed to make mods and Hammer-based maps for Portal 2. The Portal 2 Authoring Tools are available for free on Steam to all owners of the PC version of Portal 2. Note that most Portal 1 level design theory applies to Portal 2 as well. Newer information for Portal 2 may be found at Category:Portal 2 Level Design.

For more extended information, see the Level Design FAQ and Category:Level Design.

Downloading and Installation

To install the Portal 2 Authoring Tools:

  1. Open your Steam library (or click here to download)
  2. In the drop-down menu that says Games by default, check Tools if it isn't already.
  3. Double-click on the Portal 2 Authoring Tools entry.

The Portal 2 Authoring Tools will download to your computer via Steam. To open the launcher (pictured right), run it from the Steam library or a shortcut.