Creating a Arsenal: Arms Race Map

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The Arsenal: Arms Race game mode is a single extended round with instant respawn. Players start with an SMG, and progress to different weapons as they get kills. The progression of unlocked weapons ends with the golden knife. The first player to get a kill the last weapon wins the match.

The only required entities for a map to work in Arms Race are spawn points for each team.

Spawn points

Arms Race uses the normal info_player_counterterrorist and info_player_terrorist as well as the info_armsrace_terrorist and info_armsrace_counterterrorist entities as player spawns. The spawn priorities of all of these are ignored in Arms Race, so a terrorist will always spawn at a randomly chosen spawnpoint from all existing info_player_terrorists and info_armsrace_terrorists.

Tip.png Tip: You should aim to include at least 16 spawn points for each team, so your map will run smoothly with up to 32 players on a server.
Placementtip.gif Placement Tip: Since Arms Race maps use deathmatch-style spawn mechanics, the placement of spawn points doesn't matter much; however, to keep your map simple and easy to understand, you'll probably want to cluster the spawn points together in areas, usually one for each team.

Disabling default spawns using VScript

If you want to use the info_armsrace_terrorist and info_armsrace_counterterrorist spawns exclusively, the other must be disabled. One way to disable all info_player_counterterrorist and info_player_terrorist spawns only for Arms Race is writing a VScript with something like:

TYPE <- ScriptGetGameType()
MODE <- ScriptGetGameMode()

if (TYPE == 1 && MODE == 0) // Arms Race uses game_type == 1 and game_mode == 0
	EntFire("info_player_terrorist", "SetDisabled", "", 0)
	EntFire("info_player_counterterrorist", "SetDisabled", "", 0)
	EntFire("info_player_terrorist", "SetEnabled", "", 0)
	EntFire("info_player_counterterrorist", "SetEnabled", "", 0)

Give this text file a name and save it with the .nut extension, for example mapname.nut and put it either directly into csgo/scripts/vscripts/ or in a (new) subdirectory from there. Place a logic_script in your level and add the previous script to its Entity Scripts. Check the console when running the map to see if something goes wrong. When publishing the map, this script must also be packed (see e.g. VIDE).

Testing your map

The map is launched in the Arms Race gamemode by first setting the server-side ConVars game_type to 1 and game_mode to 0 and then running the map using the map or changelevel command. See CSGO Game Mode Commands for details and tips.