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Viewmodel of the MediShot. It shares the same model as the Adrenaline Shot from Left 4 Dead 2 with a modified texture.
<Counter-Strike: Global Offensive> weapon_healthshot is a point entity available in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Entity Description

The MediShot (as referred to by the tablet in Danger Zone) was added in 2016 as part of the Operation Wildfire update, originally for the Co-op Strike game mode. It appears in the aforementioned Co-op Strike missions, as well as Danger Zone as starting equipment, as well as occasional drops from crates and being purchasable from the tablet for $1000. When used, the player will stab himself with the syringe in the right chest and 50 HP will be restored sequentially in about-quarter second intervals. While the healing is taking place, the screen warps a large amount around the edges and a blue border gradually fades in and out. This, combined with the fact that the animation does not allow switching weapons, makes the MediShot significantly more useful while not in an engagement, as if you attempt to use it in the middle of combat, an enemy could take advantage of this and catch you with no weapon and limited vision.