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Creating a Arsenal: Arms Race Map

Counter-Strike: Global Offensiveinfo_armsrace_terrorist and info_armsrace_counterterrorist are point entities in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive .

In Hammer, these entities are represented with the player models seen on de_dust2.

Note.png Note: This is a preserved entity.
  • On a new round, it will intentionally not reset itself to its default properties (including position).
    Placementtip.gif Workaround: If this is an issue, you can use logic_auto to emulate resetting it.
  • Killing it removes it forever, as it is not respawned on a new round.
  • It cannot be spawned with a point_template.

Entity Description

It serves as an additional spawn point for Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists in the Armrace game mode.


Same as info_player_(counter)terrorist#KeyValues.


Same as info_player_(counter)terrorist#Inputs.


Same as info_player_(counter)terrorist#Outputs.

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