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VTF2TGA is a primitive command-line tool used to convert files from the VTF format to the TGA format. The tool can also decompile uncompressed HDR VTFs into PFM files, despite the name.

Note.png Note: VTFEdit should be used instead as it's far more flexible and user-friendly, unless you need to work with PFM files.
Bug.png Bug: <Counter-Strike: Global Offensive> Will crash if an invalid input is used.


vtf2tga -i <input vtf> -o <output tga> -mip


-i <input vtf>
The input VTF. Doesn't need the filename extension.
-o <output tga>
Name of the output file. Doesn't need the filename extension; outputs .tga for standard textures and .pfm for HDR textures.
Optional, dumps all mipmaps from the input VTF.

See also

  • VTFEdit - a more flexible third-party alternative to VTF2TGA.