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An extremely obscure tool, VBSP2 appears to have been a BSP/VMF utility and analysis tool, with support for Windows and Mac. It can be found in the bin folder of Dino D-Day.


vbsp2 [options] <vmf or bsp file>
Note.png Note: VMF files appear to be either unsupported or broken.


Overrides the VProject.
Spews out CSVs in the BSP's directory containing info on:
General BSP info (i.e. size),
BSP lumps,
Static props,
Textures used,
It also produces a text file containing all entities in the level, and their keyvalues.
Dumps a .gl file of the map's brushes, for use with glview.
-lump <lump id>
Dumps out the binary contents of the specified BSP lump.

One of the options other than -game MUST be chosen for VBSP2 to operate.

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See also

  • VBSP, Valve's BSP compiling tool.
  • VBSPINFO, Valve's original BSP analysis tool.
  • VMAP, another obscure tool developed around the same time.