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Faceposer playing back a complex scene with multiple actors.

Faceposer is the SDK tool used to produce choreographed sequences for the Source engine. It creates facial expressions (including lip-syncing) and manages skeletal animations, the position of actors in the world, and any map triggers that need to be fired during the scene.

  • See Choreography creation for a step-by step guide to creating choreography in the Source engine.
  • See Faceposer reference for a quick-reference guide to the different parts of the Faceposer interface.
Note:In order to open Faceposer in SDK 2013, use the Faceposer.bat file in located in the bin folder. Using the shortcut .exe will give you an error asking for Vconfig!
Note:To use Faceposer with your own 2013-based mod, set the VPROJECT path to the game directory of your mod.