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The Commentary Editor is an engine tool originally released with the <Source>Source 2007 engine branch. This tool allows the developer to set commentaries within specific map (via commentary nodes), which in turn allows the players to get the behind the scenes view and comments from the developers standpoint. To use it, run your game or mod with -tools -nop4 on the command line and select 'Commentary Editor' from the Tools menu. Make sure that sv_lan is set to 1 in the console located in the lower-left corner (sv_lan 1). What this tool creates are commentary.txt files. Which, when loaded, display commentary nodes throughout the environment.

Commentary.txt file are named "MAPNAME_commentary.txt" MAPNAME being the name of the map that the nodes are loaded in.

Currently Supported Games

<Alien Swarm>Alien Swarm Missing required localization/res files, Tutorial Fix Here!

<Counter-Strike: Global Offensive>Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Missing required localization/res files ,Must use "toolload comedit" console command to launch

<Day of Defeat: Source>Day of Defeat: Source

<Source>Dino D-Day Must use "toolload comedit" console command to to launch

<Source>Garry's Mod

<Half-Life 2>Half-Life 2

<Half-Life 2>Half-Life 2: Episode 1

<Half-Life 2>Half-Life 2: Episode 2

<Left 4 Dead>Left 4 Dead

<Left 4 Dead 2>Left 4 Dead 2


<Team Fortress 2>Team Fortress 2

<Source>Source 2007 Mods

<Source>Source 2009 Mods



The first window on the left is the entity report window. On the lower right is the properties window, and bove that is the engine viewport.

  1. The Entity Report window lists all of the entities created. This is used when creating, deleting, and selecting entities used in the commentary.
  2. The engine viewport shows whatever the game is currently rendering. You can flip control to and from the game with F10, and maximise your view with F11.
  3. Properties is where the entity properties are edited. You must select an entity from the entity report window prior to editing.
Note.png Note: The file menu is pretty self explanitory
File Edit CommEdit View
MaterialEditor FileMenu.jpg MaterialEditor EditMenu.jpg CommentaryEditor CommEditMenu.jpg CommentaryEditor ViewMenu.jpg
  • Open...
  • Save
  • Save As...
  • Close
  • Recent
  • Clear Recent
  • Exit
  • Undo

Shortcut keys Ctrl + Z

  • Redo

Shortcut keys Shift + Ctrl + Z

  • Describe Undo History
Confirm:What does this do??
  • Clear Undo History
  • Keyboard

Shortcut keys Shift + Ctrl + Alt + E

See setting key bindings

  • Add New Commentary Nodes

Shortcut keys Ctrl + A

  • Properties

Shows the Properties Window If Checked

  • Entity Report

Shows the Entity Report Window If Checked

  • Console

Shows the Console If Checked

  • Default Layout

Resets the layout to the defualt view

Setting up

click file -> new

The choose BSP File window opens

CommentaryEditor ChooseBSPFileW.jpg

select the map that will use the commentary nodes

Opening Commentary Files

Click File -> Open

The "Choose Valve Commentary File" window Opens

CommentaryEditor OpenWindow.jpg

Select the txt file with "_commentary" in the filename

General Positioning of Commentary Nodes & Targets

Note.png Note: In addition to having the UI fixed, Alien Swarm must have sv_cheats set to 1, firstperson mode on, and asw_controls set to 0 before using the tool otherwise the point_commentary_node/info_target would not be placed properly.
Note.png Note: <Left 4 Dead>Left 4 Dead & <Left 4 Dead 2>Left 4 Dead 2 versions of the editor allow you to place info_remarkable entites

Creating Nodes

on the Entity Report window click CommentaryEditor CreateNodesbtn.jpg

Note.png Note: You will get switched to the engine viewport.

Left click to place commentary nodes(point_commentary_node) or target nodes(info_target)

Right click to switch between commentary nodes and target nodes

ESC to exit the mode

Removing Nodes

On the Entity Report Window, select the entity or entities to be removed and click CommentaryEditor Deletebtn.jpg

Look at selected node

On the Entity Report Window, select the entity tha you wish the camera in the engine viewport to face then click CommentaryEditor CenterViewbtn.jpg

point_commentary_node Properties

After creating the necesary nodes, Select the node to be edited from the Entity Report Window then go to the Properties window.

Set the fallowing

  • Commentary Node Name
Assigned name of the currently selected point_commentary_node
  • Audio
Audio File
Audio of the Presenter or speaker
Name(s) of the speakers presenting
Brief summary of the topic (Optional)
  • Location
Position (X Y Z Cordinates)
Orientation (Pitch Yaw Roll)
  • Camera Control
View Position (Taget Node X Y Z)
Moves the camera to the position of the targeted node
View Target (Taget Node X Y Z)
Orients the camera to face the targeted node
  • Operations
Start Console Commands
Commands to be run at the start of the commentary
End Console Commands
Commands to be run at the end of the commentary

info_target Properties

  • Target Name
Assigned name of the currently selected info_target
  • Location
Position (X Y Z Cordinates)
Orientation (Pitch Yaw Roll)

info_remarkable Properties

Note.png Note: Only avalable in <Left 4 Dead>Left 4 Dead & <Left 4 Dead 2>Left 4 Dead 2
  • Target Name
Assigned name of the currently selected info_remarkable
  • Location
Position (X Y Z Cordinates)
Subject text to be entered

Saving And Testing

To Save simply click CommentaryEditor Savebtn.jpg on the Entity Remport Window

To Test simply click CommentaryEditor SaveTestbtn.jpg on the Entity Remport Window and the map will reload with the commentary nodes in place

Press F10 to swich modes

Press F11 to swich the engine viewport sizes

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