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The Actbusy Script Editor is an engine tool available in <Alien Swarm>Alien Swarm. To use it, run your game or mod with -tools -nop4 on the command line and select 'Actbusy Script Editor' from the Tools menu. Make sure that sv_lan is set to 1 in the console located in the lower-left corner (sv_lan 1).

Currently Supported Games

<Alien Swarm>Alien Swarm



The first window on the left is the properties window. On the right is the Sequence Picker window.

Note.png Note: The file menu is pretty self explanitory
File Edit ActBusy View
MaterialEditor FileMenu.jpg MaterialEditor EditMenu.jpg ActBusyEditor ActBusyMenu.jpg ActBusyEditor ViewMenu.jpg
  • Open...
  • Save
  • Save As...
  • Close
  • Recent
  • Clear Recent
  • Exit
  • Undo

Shortcut keys Ctrl + Z

  • Redo

Shortcut keys Shift + Ctrl + Z

  • Describe Undo History
Confirm:What does this do??
  • Clear Undo History
  • Keyboard

Shortcut keys Shift + Ctrl + Alt + E

See setting key bindings

  • Create ActBusy
  • Delete ActBusy
  • Properties
Shows the Properties Window If Checked
  • Sequence Picker
Shows the Sequence Picker Window If Checked
  • Default Layout
Resets the layout to the defualt view

Creating ActBusy Events

first click ActBusy -> Create ActBusy

click the + symbol next to children

the Properties window should look like this

ActBusyEditor PropertiesExample.jpg

To do: Explain Further

Selecting Animations

Click Arrowbtn.jpg next to one of the fallowing

  • busy_anim
  • entry_anim
  • exit_anim
  • busy_sequence
  • entry_sequence
  • exit_sequence

The Select MDL File Window Opens

ActBusyEditor SelectMDLFile.jpg

pick the desired performing character model

then click "open"

The Select Sequence/Activity Window Opens

ActBusyEditor SelectSequence.jpg

Select the approprate animation and click "open"

Repeat for the rest

To do: Explain Further

Setting Interrupts

Click the box next to interrupts

This drop down will show

ActBusyEditor InterruptsDropDown.jpg

To do: Explain Further

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