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The Actbusy Script Editor is an engine tool available in <Alien Swarm>Alien Swarm. To use it, run your game or mod with -tools -nop4 on the command line and select 'Actbusy Script Editor' from the Tools menu. Make sure that sv_lan is set to 1 in the console located in the lower-left corner (sv_lan 1).

Currently Supported Games

<Alien Swarm>Alien Swarm



The first window on the left is the properties window. On the right is the Sequence Picker window.

The file menu is pretty self explanitory
File Edit ActBusy View
MaterialEditor FileMenu.jpg MaterialEditor EditMenu.jpg ActBusyEditor ActBusyMenu.jpg ActBusyEditor ViewMenu.jpg
  • Open...
  • Save
  • Save As...
  • Close
  • Recent
  • Clear Recent
  • Exit
  • Undo

Shortcut keys Ctrl + Z

  • Redo

Shortcut keys Shift + Ctrl + Z

  • Describe Undo History
Confirm:What does this do??
  • Clear Undo History
  • Keyboard

Shortcut keys Shift + Ctrl + Alt + E

See setting key bindings

  • Create ActBusy
  • Delete ActBusy
  • Properties
Shows the Properties Window If Checked
  • Sequence Picker
Shows the Sequence Picker Window If Checked
  • Default Layout
Resets the layout to the defualt view

Creating ActBusy Events

first click ActBusy -> Create ActBusy

click the + symbol next to children

the Properties window should look like this

ActBusyEditor PropertiesExample.jpg

To do: Explain Further

Selecting Animations

Click Arrowbtn.jpg next to one of the fallowing

  • busy_anim
  • entry_anim
  • exit_anim
  • busy_sequence
  • entry_sequence
  • exit_sequence

The Select MDL File Window Opens

ActBusyEditor SelectMDLFile.jpg

pick the desired performing character model

then click "open"

The Select Sequence/Activity Window Opens

ActBusyEditor SelectSequence.jpg

Select the approprate animation and click "open"

Repeat for the rest

To do: Explain Further

Setting Interrupts

Click the box next to interrupts

This drop down will show

ActBusyEditor InterruptsDropDown.jpg

To do: Explain Further

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