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This template (and its redirect) is Wikipedia icon Deprecated. Its use is not recommended and its functionality may be compromised.
Please use {{infobox game}} instead.
You can help our editors by replacing or deleting this template on the Pages that use this template. Once no more pages use this template, it should be Marked for deletion.
Icon-Important.pngImportant:This template has been removed from all pages, not including some subpages of this page and some userpages. It is recommended that new game pages should use the {{Infobox game}} template instead, as it's lighter and pages will load faster.
Icon-Bug.pngBug:Date is automatically filled out if only a year is provided, using current date. See here
Note.pngNote:Additional potential non-essential features:
  • Option to scale background to page width, rather than manually setting pixel size (different users have different resolution viewports). May be difficult with current implementation, slight rework likely needed.
  • Parameters for specifying system requirements for each major operating system (e.g.: {{{winram}}}, {{{macram}}} and {{{linuxram}}} for specifying ram requirements for Windows, macOS and Linux)

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This template enables software pages to use a standardized, universal interface.

To add this template, go to #Copy and Paste section, then adjust the parameters.


This template searches for files based only on the information provided to it in the parameters, that is, you can create a fully functional copy of the conditional Half-Life 2 page anywhere else.

Use the template sandbox for your experiments.


Supported formats: JPG, PNG.

Tip.pngTip:.JPEG images are identical to .JPG images, so do not be afraid to change the file extension!
Tip.pngTip:.JPG images are highly recommended for better loading times because they are more compressed, making them perfect for those with insufficient internet connections or those using VPNs for privacy.
Alternatively you can also compress .PNG images using TinyPNG or similar tool without losing quality (aside from little bit of dithering due to 8-bit color) or transparency.
Warning.pngWarning:Avoid JPEG quality levels higher than 98 (or Quality 10+ in Photoshop), as that can result in larger file sizes than a PNG.
Also avoid using Photoshop built-in compression for .PNG files (unless if you want to keep 24-bit color, which can be noticeable when zoomed up), and instead use TinyPNG because it's offer better compression.
Tip.pngTip:JPEG quality levels lower than 95 are generally unnecessary, and quality levels lower than 90 (or Quality 8 and below in Photoshop) should be avoided.

Maximum number of screenshots: 20.

Tip.pngTip:Using less screenshots will make the page load faster, around 8-15 should be enough.
Tip.pngTip:Having screenshots under 1080p or less (with compression) will also benefit those who have insufficient internet connections aswell.

Recommended aspect ratio of screenshots: 16:9/16:10 (Source,Source 2), 4:3 (GoldSrc)

Tip.pngTip:Do not pad or crop 4:3 screenshots to 16:9/16:10 or vice versa

Recommended cover resolution: 460x215 or 920x430 (for High-res image)

Note.pngNote:Don't forget to add [[Category:(Game name here)]] and [[Category:Software covers]] category when you upload the cover image.
Tip.pngTip:Upscaled cover (using AI) is allowed but make sure that it's doesn't look too noisy and bit blurry at the same time.
Tip.pngTip:The template will automatically resize the cover image to the correct dimensions.


  • Counter-Strike Source - Background.jpg
  • Counter-Strike Source - Trailer Preview.jpg
  • Counter-Strike Source - Screenshot 1.jpg
  • Counter-Strike Source - Screenshot 2.jpg
  • Software Cover - Counter-Strike Source.jpg


At the moment, only screenshots have translation support. Below is an example of the names of the translated files.

  • Counter-Strike Source - Screenshot 1 (de).jpg
  • Counter-Strike Source - Screenshot 1 (ru).jpg
  • Counter-Strike Source - Screenshot 1 (zh).jpg


  • You can download a Photoshop document to create a software background.

Developers and Publishers

Use this in {{{developer <2-4>}}} or {{{publisher <2-4>}}}. You can also write something of your own and apply some special formatting to it.

Note.pngNote:Custom links (for example, [http://valvesoftware.com Valve]) will not work. The introduction of categories has replaced user links to categories of organizations, where all brief information will be located, including links to the organizations websites (i.e., companies, studios, etc.).


Use this in {{{mode <2-4>}}}. You can also write something of your own and apply some special formatting to it.

Deck Verified Status

Use this in {{{deck}}}.

Check the Deck Verified status on SteamDB or ProtonDB page of a game (or via your Steam Deck library), example: Half-Life 2 App Info page (on SteamDB) or Garry's Mod on ProtonDB, then scroll down and see the Steam Deck Compatibility section (SteamDB only).


Use this in {{{genre <2-6>}}}. You can also write something of your own and apply some special formatting to it.


Use these in the {{{platform <2-12>}}} parameter. While you can specify your own platform, it is recommended you use these, otherwise the automatic Category placement could not work correctly.

Please only put the platforms the game released on; Do not list the entire Xbox series for a game that released on the original (although, if a game released on two consoles from the same family, do list them separately)

Engines and Branches

Use this in {{{engine <2>}}} or {{{branch <2-6>}}}.

Parameter Value Preview
GoldSrc GoldSrc GoldSrc
Source Source Source
Source 2 Source 2 Source 2
Adobe Flash Adobe Flash Adobe Flash
Unity Unity Unity
Valve (First-party)
Source 04 Source 2004 Source 2004
Source 06 Source 2006 Source 2006
Source 07 Source 2007 Source 2007
Source 09 Source 2009 Source 2009
Source MP Source Multiplayer Source Multiplayer
Source 13 Source 2013 Source 2013
Source 13 SP Source 2013 Singleplayer Source 2013 Singleplayer
Source 13 MP Source 2013 Multiplayer Source 2013 Multiplayer
Left 4 Dead Left 4 Dead engine branch Left 4 Dead engine branch
Alien Swarm Alien Swarm engine branch Alien Swarm engine branch
Portal 2 Portal 2 engine branch Portal 2 engine branch
CSGO CS:GO engine branch CS:GO engine branch
Titanfall Titanfall engine branch Titanfall engine branch
Xen Xengine Xengine
Sven Svengine Svengine
COF Cry of Fear engine branch Cry of Fear engine branch
Strata Strata Source Strata Source

You can also write something of your own in this parameter(s), but note that without {{{engine <2> template}}}, the text you wrote will be the simplest link.

Metacritic reviews

The background for the Metacritic score box will change depending on what value you input into the {{{metacritic}}} parameter.

Opencritic reviews

The background and icon for the Opencritic score box will change depending on what value you input into the {{{opencritic}}} parameter. Additionally, percent (%) of critics recommends will be added if the {{{opencritic 2}}} is specified.

Copy and Paste

{{Software page | name = | appid = <!-- Steam App ID - Optional. Some parameters (such as "has workshop") requires App ID to work. --> | shortdesc = | has workshop = <!-- true/false --> | release = | mode = | genre = | platform = | engine = | branch = | developer = | publisher = <!-- If the game does have trailer | trailer = | trailer preview = --> | screenshot 1 = | screenshot 2 = | screenshot 3 = | screenshot 4 = | screenshot 5 = <!-- If the game has Metacritic/Opencritic reviews | metacritic = <score> | metacritic link = | metacritic platform = | opencritic = | opencritic 2 = | opencritic link = --> | desc = {{Software status | appid = <appid> | type = <games/mods/tools> | free = <yes/no> <!-- optional, can be removed. - "No" by default --> | status = <announced/released/delisted/delisted-dl/earlyaccess (ea)/in development (dev/indev)> <!-- More values is available on testcases page. --> | os = all <!-- See template testcases for more values. --> | deck = <deck status> <!-- By default: Unknown. --> | chromebook = <Chromebook ready status> | note = <!-- Put any custom notice here. Optional. --> <!-- OTHER STOREFRONTS This is for games that did uses Valve engines (or closely related to it), that was sold or available for free outside Steam. Works similarly to "note" parameters. Beside that, you can also use this for console versions of the game sold on PlayStation Network (PS)/MS Store (Xbox) Do not use affiliate link as it's can affect users with adblockers. And remember to use "•" for spacing if there are sold in multiple other storefronts. --> | 3rdpartylinks = <!-- Example: "{{gog|vampire_the_masquerade_bloodlines|GOG.com}}" for VTMB (on GOG.com), "{{epic|quake|Epic Games}}" for Quake 1 (on Epic Games Store), etc... --> }}{{MultiPage}} }}
Note.pngNote:For the list of {{Software status}} parameters, see its template page.

Parameters and Examples

Normal mode

Parameter Description Example
{{{name}}} The full name of the game. Necessary for image detection.
| name = Counter-Strike: Source
{{{filename}}} A short name or name without restricted symbols in case files cannot use the full name due to system restrictions.
| filename = Counter-Strike Source
{{{type}}} If specified, the template will replace some categories based on the specified value. Also, the template can add some additional interface elements, if there are any.

Avaliable values:

  • Mod
  • Tool
  • Package
| type = Mod
| type = Tool
| type = Package
{{{appid}}} Steam AppID. Used in some links.
| appid = 440
{{{steamworks}}} Includes a page in the Steamworks games category.
| steamworks = true


{{{docs}}} If standard is specified, the template will add a link to <Page Name>/Docs. You can also specify an article located inside this wiki. Removing {{{docs}}} if you want to hide the button.
| docs = standard
| docs = Counter-Strike: Source Level Creation
{{{manual}}} If enabled, adds a button to read the game manuals from Steam. Set {{{manual}}} to false (or left this parameter unspecified) if you want to hide the button.
| manual = true
{{{wiki}}} Link to a wiki or website or blog.
| wiki = http://wiki.teamfortress.com
| website = http://www.teamfortress.com
| blog = http://blog.counter-strike.net
{{{discord}}} Link to Discord server. Only include invite code ("NcHSmgb")
| discord = NcHSmgb
{{{wikipedia}}} Link to the Wikipedia page. If true is specified, the full page name or the value from {{{name}}} will be used.
| wikipedia = true
| wikipedia = Counter-Strike:_Source
{{{pcgw}}} Link to the PCGamingWiki page. If true is specified, the full page name or the value from {{{name}}} will be used.
| pcgw = true
| pcgw = Team_Fortress_2


{{{background}}} Disables the background if the value false is specified.

By default, the template searches for <Project> - Background.<format>, but you can specify any file in this parameter. External URLs are supported.

The supported formats and recommended resolution can be seen in Images.

| background = false
| background = [[File:Counter-Strike - Screenshot 1.jpg]]
| background = https://www.l4d.com/blog/images/footer_img.jpg
{{{background color}}} Background color.
| background color = #F1C40F
{{{background gradient}}} Background gradient.
| background gradient = radial-gradient(ellipse at top, #2980B9, #3498DB)
{{{background size}}} Background size.
Warning.pngWarning:Only for automatically detected images.
| background size = 1800px
{{{background format}}} Overwrites PNG to JPG for Background. It is needed for cases when you consider JPG more preferable.
| background format = jpg
{{{background opacity}}} Background opacity. The default value is .1.
| background opacity = .5

Screenshots and Movies

{{{trailer}}} Link to the trailer.
| trailer = http://cdn.cloudflare.steamstatic.com/steam/apps/256881738/movie480_vp9.webm
{{{trailer preview}}} Specifies the format of the desired image. After specifying the format, creates a file based on {{{name}}} and {{{filename}}}. See Images for details.
| trailer preview = jpg
{{{screenshot <1-20>}}} If the image format is specified (JPG or PNG), the template will search for images corresponding to the contents of {{{name}}} or {{{filename}}}. You can also specify any other image by writing its full name with the format.
Tip.pngTip:If your custom screenshot needs translation, add {{Autolang||<language code> = &nbsp;(<language code>)}} before the format.
| screenshot 1 = jpg
| screenshot 16 = Counter-Strike 2 - ar_baggage.png
| screenshot 16 = Dota Underlords - Screenshot 4{{Autolang||ru = &nbsp;(ru)}}.png
{{{screenshot <1-20> desc}}} Screenshot description.
| screenshot 7 desc = Particle System
{{{screenshot <1-20> lang}}} Screenshot translation.
| screenshot 7 lang = {{Autolang||de = de|ru = ru|zh = zh}}


{{{deck}}} Steam Deck verified status. For avaliable values, see Deck Verified Status.
| deck = Verified
{{{shortdesc}}} A short description of the software.
| shortdesc = Hello, World!
{{{release}}} Release date. Available values:
  • Soon – Coming soon
  • TBA – To be announced
  • TBD – To be determined
Warning.pngWarning:Do not add a "," on the release date, as this will cause the year to be displayed as the current year (2024).
| release = TBA
| release = 3 Mar 2023
{{{release planned}}} Planned release date. If {{{release}}} is specified, then "Planned release date" is replaced by "Initial release date".
| release planned = 3 Mar 2003
{{{stable release}}} The version of software that most closely matches the user experience the developers intended.
| stable release = 3 Mar 2003
{{{mode <2-4>}}} Game mode(s). See Modes for details.
| mode = MP
| mode 2 = Indie
{{{genre <2-6>}}} The genre(s) of the game. See Genres for details.
| genre = Action
| genre 2 = FPS
{{{platform <2-12>}}} Platform(s) the game released on. See Platforms for details.
| platform = PC
| platform 2 = Linux
{{{engine <2>}}} Game engine(s). See Engines and Branches for details.
| engine = GoldSrc
| engine = Unity
{{{engine <2> template}}} Specifies the engine template for custom values.
| engine template = stratabranch
| engine 2 template = stratabranch
{{{engine <2> comment}}} Comments to the right of the engine(es).
| engine comment = Release
| engine 2 comment = Port
{{{branch <2-6>}}} Engine branch(es). See Engines and Branches for details.
| branch = Source 06
| branch 2 = Source 13 MP
{{{branch template}}} Specifies the engine branch template for custom values.
| branch template = stratabranch
{{{branch <2-6> comment}}} Comments to the right of the branch(es).
| branch comment = Outdated
| branch 2 comment = Steam
{{{developer <2-4>}}} Game developer(s). See Developers and Publishers for details.
| developer = Valve
{{{publisher <2-4>}}} Publisher(s) of the game. See Developers and Publishers for details.
| publisher = Valve
{{{workshop}}} If this is a mod located in the workshop of some game, then you can specify its ID here.
| workshop = 2269588821
{{{moddb}}} Software location on ModDB.
Icon-Important.pngImportant:If a game has a ModDB page, specify |type=game
| moddb = mods/black-mesa-blue-shift-remake
{{{metacritic}}} Metacritic score.
| metacritic = 100
{{{metacritic link}}} Metacritic review page.
Obsolete-notext.pngDeprecated:Old platform specific URLs was deprecated since the website redesign in Sep 2023. For example, Half-Life 2 (Xbox) Half-Life 2 (Xbox) Metacritic links, by default, will lead to reviews combining both PC and original Xbox version.
Platform-specific reviews since website redesign are now located in game_name/critic-reviews/?platform=pc instead of pc/game_name.
Warning.pngWarning:For the new platform specific reviews URL, please use {{=}} in order to avoid breaking templates.
| metacritic link = garrys-mod
| metacritic link = the-orange-box/critic-reviews/?platform{{=}}xbox-360

Note.pngNote:It is recommended to use the below platform-specific parameters instead.
{{{metacritic platform}}} Changes the link to platform specific reviews. Example value:
| metacritic platform = xbox-360
{{{opencritic}}} Opencritic score.
| opencritic = 100
{{{opencritic 2}}} Opencritic - Percent of critics who recommended a game. A percent "%" symbols will be added automatically.
| opencritic 2 = 80
{{{opencritic link}}} Opencritic review page.
| opencritic link = game/9753/dota-2

Software Description

{{{desc}}} Description of the software. This is the main body of the article, and is usually where the {{MultiPage}} template is placed.
| desc = {{MultiPage}}

Experimental mode

Parameter Description Example
{{{experimental}}} Includes experimental features, if any.
| experimental = true
{{{deckpreset}}} Selects which compatibility preset to use for the compatibility box. Accepts the following: verified (WIP), playable, unsupported, unsupported-vr (for VR games like The Lab and Half-Life: Alyx), unknown, unknown-vw (game marked as "Valve is working on adding support"). If not specified, it will use the {{{deck}}} parameter.
| deckpreset = verified/playable/etc.
{{{deck learn more}}} Adds more information at the bottom of the page about the game's deck compatibility. Make sure to not add any repeated phrases!,
| deck learn more = {{Software page/components|DCS|playable|Small text...}} {{Software page/components|DCS|verified|Good preformance...}}

Mod Status

{{{mod status}}} If page is a mod, adds an incorperated {{ModStatus}} box that uses the status found in this template. The following statuses are supported:
  • alpha
  • beta
  • closed beta
  • open beta (requires {{{mod download}}} to be specified)
  • hold
  • released (requires {{{mod download}}} to be specified)
  • dead
| mod status = open beta
{{{mod of}}} If page is a mod, states the game that the mod is based on. You can type the full name of the game, or the name of a redirect on this wiki (e.g. Portal 2: Community Edition and P2CE both work because a redirect named P2CE exists on this wiki.).
| mod of = Portal 2
{{{mod download}}} Describes where the mod can be downloaded. The following parameters are accepted:
  • moddb: uses the link found in the {{{moddb}}} parameter
  • workshop: uses the link found in the {{{workshop}}} parameter
  • steam: uses the AppID found in the {{{appid}}} parameter to generate a steam store link

You can also specify your own link. Remember to omit the https://

| mod of = Portal 2
{{{mod mode}}} Sets the mode of the mod. If not specified, will use the mode in the {{{mode}}} parameter. Supported modes are:
  • SP: the mod is a singleplayer mod
  • MP: the mod is a multiplayer mod
  • Coop: the mod is a coop mod
| mod mode = Coop

Used Categories

Warning.pngWarning:Not all categories can be used by this wiki, so do not turn red into blue if there is nothing in this category.






Included Subpages

Below are the subpages that are used by this template for better code readability or something else.

  • /components - Content to include in the template.
  • /strings - Translatable strings and strings to include in the template.