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This template needs translations.

This template does not contain translations for the following languages: русский (ru)
If you are fluent in one of these languages, please help out by translating the text inside this template. This can be done by using the {{Autolang}} template where appropriate.
Also, please make sure that the article tries to comply with the alternate languages guide.

The following content or section specifically needs to be translated:
Please update "Released on ModDB" string, as new functionality has been added
English (en)Deutsch (de)Esperanto (eo)español (es)hrvatski (hr)русский (ru)українська (uk)Tiếng Việt (vi)中文 (zh)中文(台灣)‎ (zh-tw)
Subpage of strings
It contains various translatable and untranslatable strings that are used in the template or anywhere else.
Number of strings:97
Approximate status of translation:English (en) 100% Deutsch (de) 8.25% español (es) 7.22% Esperanto (eo) 42.27% hrvatski (hr) 100% русский (ru) 63.92% українська (uk) 29.9% Tiếng Việt (vi) 96.91% 中文 (zh) 100% 中文(台灣)‎ (zh-tw) 1.03% 

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