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Note.pngNote:This template is currently work in progress, but can be usable now. It is a replacement of {{Game release}} and all of it's variants, similar to something like {{hl2 point}} being replaced into {{This is a}}.
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This is a replacement of {{Game release}} template and variants of it, combining all of these into one. This will make it quicker to maintenance and any edit on this template will apply to all the pages, instead of having to edit multiple separate Template:Game release template.

The purpose of this template is to tell users whether the game is announced, delisted or currently available on Steam or not, plus whether the game is Steam Deck verified.

Usage (copy & paste)

For anything else

{{Software status | appid = <appid> | type = games <!-- games/mods/tools --> | free = no <!-- yes/no - "No" by default --> | status = released <!-- announced/released/delisted/delisted-dl/earlyaccess (ea)/in development (dev/indev) --> <!-- More values is available on testcases page. --> | os = all <!-- See template testcases for more values. If you want to hide this, leave the parameter blank. --> | note = <!-- Put any custom notice here. Optional. --> <!-- OTHER STOREFRONTS This is for games that did uses Valve engines (or closely related to it), that was sold or available for free outside Steam. Works similarly to "note" parameters. Beside that, you can also use this for console versions of the game sold on PlayStation Network (PS)/MS Store (Xbox) Do not use affiliate link as it's can affect users with adblockers. And remember to use "•" for spacing if there are sold in multiple other storefronts. --> | 3rdpartylinks = <!-- Example: "{{gog|vampire_the_masquerade_bloodlines|GOG.com}}" for VTMB (on GOG.com), "{{epic|quake|Epic Games}}" for Quake 1 (on Epic Games Store), etc... --> }}

System requirements section

To make the "See system requirements" button work, you must use this header:

Replace this: == System Requirements == with == System Requirements<span id="Sysreq"><!--Used by Sysreq template, clicking on "See system requirements" will send you to this section.--></span> ==

This will also works in other languages aswell, and in different text, as long if the "Sysreq" id is not changed. To add the System requirements template, see {{Sysreq}} for more info.

For announced games

See code
{{Software status | appid = <appid> | type = games | free = <!-- doesn't do anything with announced, but still useful --> | status = announced | deck = hide | website = <!-- Optional --> }}
To prevent categorization, add the following parameters:
| nocat = 1

Parameters and Examples

Parameter Description Value Previews
{{{type}}} Type of software, see more value on testcases page.
This must be specified.
| type = games
| type = mods
| type = tools

{{{appid}}} Set the AppID for the software
| appid = 220
Set the custom game name.
{{{gamename}}} must be set to other, then you put the game name on {{{customgamename}}} parameters. Used on pages like Black Mesa Black Mesa.
| gamename = other
| customgamename = Black Mesa
{{{free}}} Is this software free?
If {{{free}}}=no or left blanks, mark the software as paid, if {{{free}}}=yes, mark it as a free software.
| free = yes/no
{{{status}}} Availability of the software, by default, it is marked as "available". If the game was delisted on Steam, set {{{status}}} to delisted
If this game is currently in Early Access, set {{{status}}} to ea or earlyaccess.
More value can be found on testcases/Availability page.
| status = delisted
| status = ea
| status = demo

{{{os}}} Supported OS for the game, software, etc..., more can be found on testcases page.
| os = win
{{{3rdpartystore}}} Used to put 3rd party stores links. Works similarly to "note" parameters.
Recommended templates:
{{gplay}} (for Nvidia Shield port), etc...
For spacing, use "•".
| 3rdpartylinks={{gog|vampire_the_masquerade_bloodlines|GOG.com}}
{{{note}}} Add custom notices.
| note=Lorem ipsum

Previews and testcases

  • Use {{Software status|type=game}} for:

System Requirements

If you have clicked on the ("See system requirements") button on the template, it should send you to this section.

Similar templates

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