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Half-Life: MMod

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Half-Life: MMod Half-Life: MMod is a free modification to Half-Life by Gunship Mk II that aims to update and enhance the Half-Life experience without harming the core values and mechanics of the original game. All of its features can be toggled and set to the user's liking. HL:MMod also comes with many bug fixes, improved particle effects, tweaked and upgraded weapon models and animations, etc.

List of Features

  • Revised gunplay, dynamic weapon bullet spread, smooth recoil, optional non-hitscan bullets.
  • Enhanced player and visual feedback.
  • Minor AI tweaks, more reactive and responsive AI, nearly every character blinks.
  • New and extra weapon animations.
  • Built in basic chapter selection system.
  • Touched up weapon models, animated weapon screens and creature eyes.
  • New arsenal, special weapon functions ( silencers, addons, fire modes ).
  • Plenty of bug fixes.
  • VFX re-design ( explosions, bullet impacts, muzzle flashes, monster effects, etc. ).
  • Minor sound re-design, additional weapon and monster sounds.
  • Weapon foley sounds for every single weapon.
  • Restored HEV voice lines.
  • Slightly enhanced visuals, detail textures.
  • Visual, atmospheric and pacing related map tweaks and additions ( work in progress ).
  • Some additions can be toggled in special settings menu.


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