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My todo list. I might not get around to all of these; feel free to do any of these if you can.

Color Correction

  • Create color correction tables for games that use them. Document the files, entities, and the maps they're used in.

Engine Branches

  • Create an Engine branches article. Create a template similar to Template:GameHierarchy for engine branches.
  • Revamp pre-existing articles for engine branches, and create Source 2004, Portal 2, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Engine Branch articles.
  • Create categories for engine branch games. (e.g. Category:Portal 2 Engine Branch Games)
  • Revamp Template:Branch.


Fog Settings

  • Bring the Fog Settings tables in line with the ones used for Sky Lists.
  • Document the Fog Settings for more games.



  • Rewrite Lighting, Intermediate Lighting, and Advanced Lighting, and add in more information for each. Update each page with lighting features from newer engine branches.
  • Add and write more tutorials about lighting and proper lighting usage.



Sky Lists

  • Document the skies and values associated with them for Dear Esther, Half-Life 2: Update, Black Mesa, and Insurgency.

Third-party Tools

  • Document Slartibarty's Slammin' Source Tools.
  • Document Mapbase when it releases.

Wiki stuff