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Aftershock (New with Half-Life 2: Episode Two / Source 2007) This shader draws animated and scrolling refraction. It is able to smoothly fade out with alpha blending depending on its distance to the ground (per vertex; calculated with the material parameters $GroundMin and $GroundMax) and the dot product of the per vertex geometry normal and world view vector (scaled by $SilhouetteThickness). Furthermore this shader does solely support the vertexformat that studiomodels use.

Note:So far the only material that uses this shader is materials/models/props_combine/sphere.vmt. It can be found in episode two materials.gcf.

Shader specific parameters

Used to tweak the refraction effect.
Scales the generic fade amount along the models edge.
Both describe an interval used to fade out the shader. Supposedly requires a custom material proxy to work correctly on non-stationary models.

Supported effects