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MonitorScreen is a material shader available in all Source games. It is intended for use with func_monitor, though any shader can be used. This applies various image effects to the rendered texture, then applies an overlay on top. This shader is unlit.

Supported effects

Shader parameters

$basetexture <texture>
The realtime texture to render. Usually _rt_camera, but a normal texture can be used.
$texture2 <texture>
A secondary texture which is multiplied with the basetexture.
$texture2transform <matrix>
Transform the secondary texture.
$frame2 <integer>
Frame number to use for the secondary texture.
$contrast <float>
Controls the contrast of the render. 0 is normal, and 1 is "color * color".
$saturation <float>
Controls the amount of color in the render. 0 makes it fully greyscale, 1 gives full color.
$tint <vector3>
Tint the overall effect.