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WorldTwoTextureBlend is a lightmap shader used to render two albedos at the same time with a single material. It uses the $detail command to draw the uppermost albedo (unlike the command's normal usage). $detail must have an alpha channel if $basetexture is to be seen!

Note.pngNote:Do not confuse this shader with WorldVertexTransition, which blends between textures but does not display one above the other.
Tip.pngTip:Effectively equivalent to $detailblendmode 2 (working around the blend mode's incompatibility with LightmappedGeneric and WorldVertexTransition), but with fewer available parameters.


    $basetexture    <texture>
    $detail         <texture with alpha channel>
    $detailscale    <float>// Behaves normally

Supported effects

This shader does not support $envmap.

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