Creating a Guardian Scenario Map

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This tutorial on how to make a Guardian Scenario map requires on you to know how to map for CS:GO already. If you don't know, you should learn how to here.

The Guardian Scenario was first introduced around Operation: Bloodhound as a way to play co-op with a friend inside specific maps. These maps have the gd_ prefix. This tutorial will go over the special requirements when making these kinds of maps.

The latter half of this tutorial will guide through how to set up this gamemode for Hostage Rescue Situations, as this functionality was added by Valve, but not ever properly acted upon.

Which Maps Are Supported?

If you want to try out some of Valve's Guardian Scenario Maps, load up one of the following maps and use the commands game_mode 0 and game_type 4

  • gd_bank (Has more limited LOS to make a better bombsite)
  • gd_cbble (Lack of Stairs on B; and modified drop zone; Hostage Rescue Scenario)
  • gd_crashsite (Special Guardian Only Map!)
  • gd_lake (Hostage Rescue Scenario)
  • cs_assault
  • cs_italy
  • cs_militia
  • cs_office
  • de_aztec
  • de_cache
  • de_cbble
  • de_coast (From Operation: Wildfire)
  • de_dust
  • de_dust2 (Has Alternate Script)
  • de_empire (From Operation: Wildfire; Has Alternate Script)
  • de_inferno
  • de_lake (Has Alternate Script)
  • de_mikla (From Operation: Wildfire; Has Alternate Script)
  • de_mirage (Has Alternate Script)
  • de_nuke
  • de_overpass (Has Alternate Script)
  • de_royal
  • de_safehouse
  • de_train (Has Two Alternate Scripts)
  • de_tulip (Has Alternate Script)
  • de_vertigo

Although gd_assault is in the game files, it is broken, and unlikely to be fixed.

GD Maps

Valve originally planned for the Guardian gamemode to be on special gd_ maps, but then moved away from it when they realised it was easier to use regular maps than to create their own. Should you still want to, it's still supported. It might make for a more interesting gameplay experience!

Setting up a bombsite and Counter-Terrorist Spawns

The first thing any gd_ map will need is a bombsite. I'm not going to go through how to make one here. Just ensure it is fair and balanced.

gd_ maps only have one bombsite so don't make any more than that.

Place CT spawns inside the bombsite zone so that they know where to defend when they spawn.

Setting up Terrorist Spawns

There should be several corridors from your bombsite to the terrorist spawns.

There should be 5 to 10 spawns that are placed throughout the map. The terrorists will spawn randomly at these points and will rush the bombsite.

DE Maps

The granddaddy of Counter-Strike can support the mode.

As long as you have at least one bombsite, the map can be used in Guardian mode, but if you are only releasing it for the Guardian gamemode, make it a gd_ map.

To play the Guardian gamemode, you need a guardian.txt file. A template is available _here_

If the Bots don't make it to the bombsite after some time, they will all die, and be respawned