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mp_items_prohibited is a console variable available in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It is used to define a list of exact items or weapons that players cannot use or buy on a server. The command was introduced on 2017-03-24.

Tip.pngTip: To restrict armor, you can also use mp_max_armor.
Tip.pngTip: To restrict grenades, you can also use mp_buy_allow_grenades or ammo_grenade_limit_[...].
Tip.pngTip: To restrict weapon groups, you can also use mp_buy_allow_guns.


mp_items_prohibited "<i>,<j>,<k>,..."
mp_items_prohibited <i>,<j>,<k>,...

As value, it takes a string of comma-delimited weapon definition indices (numbers) to prohibit on the server. Example values are 1,2,3 or "1,2,3".

Note.pngNote: Avoid using spaces. When omitting the quotation marks, everything after the first space character is ignored. With quotation marks, spaces after a comma cause the next value to be invalid.

On successful prohibition, the game writes the names of the prohibited items in the console. Prohibited items cannot be bought and cannot be picked up; This is independent from an item's CanBePickedUp keyvalue. Items picked up before prohibition are unaffected, until they are dropped. To clear all prohibited items, use the value "" or 0.

Auto-equipped Items

For some inventory slots, players can equip different weapons. If the one they have equipped is prohibited, they will have an alternative auto-equipped. This concerns:

Warning.pngWarning: The auto-equipping does not work if the inventory is locked, e.g. during a competitive match! If prohibiting the Desert Eagle during a competitive match, players having the Desert Eagle equipped will see the R8 Revolver in the buy menu but cannot buy it. It requires a restart of the current match: mp_restartgame 1.


Command Game response in console Effect
mp_items_prohibited "1"
mp_items_prohibited 1
Prohibiting weapon_deagle The Desert Eagle can no longer be bought or picked up. Everyone will have the R8 Revolver equipped in the Desert Eagle slot, assuming they haven't already.
mp_items_prohibited "1,64"
mp_items_prohibited 1,64
Prohibiting weapon_deagle
Prohibiting weapon_revolver
The Desert Eagle and the R8 Revolver can no longer be bought or picked up. Trying to buy something in that item slot will do nothing.
mp_items_prohibited ""
mp_items_prohibited 0
- Clears all items from being prohibited. They can be bought and picked up again.

Table of Indices

Some IDs are not assigned. Also, the list has actually many hundreds of lines and contains every item in CS:GO, including knives, cases, keys, stickers, music kits, coins, medals, sprays, player models etc., see here.

List of IDs and the weapons they prohibit
ID Entity Comment
1 Desert Eagle Auto-equips R8 Revolver (ID 64).
2 Dual Berettas
3 Five-SeveN Auto-equips CZ75-Auto (ID 63) for CTs.
4 Glock-18
7 AK-47
11 G3SG1
13 Galil AR
14 M249
16 M4A4 Auto-equips M4A1-S (ID 60) for CTs.
17 MAC-10
19 P90
20 Repulsor Device
23 MP5-SD Auto-equips MP7 (ID 33).
24 UMP-45
25 XM1014
26 PP-Bizon
27 MAG-7
28 Negev
29 Sawed-Off
30 Tec-9 Auto-equips CZ75-Auto (ID 63) for Ts.
31 Zeus x27
32 P2000 Auto-equips USP-S (ID 61) for CTs.
33 MP7 Auto-equips MP5-SD (ID 23).
34 MP9
35 Nova
36 P250
37 Ballistic Shield
38 Scar-20
39 SG 553
40 SSG 08
41 Golden Knife Can always be picked up.
42 Knife Can always be picked up.
43 Flashbang
44 HE Grenade
45 Smoke Grenade
46 Molotov
47 Decoy Grenade
48 Incendiary Grenade Can always be picked up.
49 C4 If given only on round start, it will be dropped: impossible to plant.
50 Kevlar Vest
51 Kevlar + Helmet
52 Heavy Assaultsuit
54 item_nvg (not item_nvgs!)
55 Defuse Kit Auto-equips the other of these two for CTs.
Can always be picked up.
They are interchangeable, so prohibit both.
56 Rescue Kit
57 Medi-Shot Can always be picked up.
58 musickit_default
59 weapon_knife_t
60 M4A1-S Auto-equips M4A4 (ID 16) for CTs.
61 USP-S Auto-equips P2000 (ID 32) for CTs.
62 Recipe Trade Up
63 CZ75-Auto Auto-equips Tec-9 (ID 30) for Ts and Five-SeveN (ID 3) for CTs.
64 R8 Revolver Auto-equips Desert Eagle (ID 1).
68 Tactical Awareness Grenade Can always be picked up.
69 Bare Hands Can always be picked up.
70 Breachcharge Can always be picked up.
72 Tablet Can always be picked up.
74 weapon_melee (Knife) Can always be picked up.
75 Axe Can always be picked up.
76 Hammer Can always be picked up.
78 Wrench Can always be picked up.
80 Spectral Shiv Can always be picked up.
81 Fire Bomb Can always be picked up.
82 Diversion Device Can always be picked up.
83 Frag Grenade Can always be picked up.
84 Snowball Can always be picked up.
85 Bump Mine Can always be picked up.