List of DoD:S entities

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<Day of Defeat: Source> This is a complete list of all Day of Defeat: Source entities.


See List of base entities






Unimplemented entities

Entities that work but aren't implemented in the FGD.


weapon_30cal 30 Caliber Machine Gun
weapon_30calpr 30 Caliber Machine Gun Prone
weapon_30calsr 30 Caliber Machine Gun SR
weapon_amerknife American Knife
weapon_bar Browning Automatic Rifle
weapon_bazooka Bazooka
weapon_bazookarocket Bazooka Rocket
weapon_basebomb Bomb Satchel
weapon_c96 C96 Auto Pistol
weapon_colt .45 ACP 1911
weapon_frag America Frag Nade
weapon_garand M1 Garand
weapon_garandgren M1 Garand Rifle Grenade
weapon_garandrggrenade M1 Garand RG
weapon_k98 k98 Mauser
weapon_k98rg k98 Mauser Rifle Grenade
weapon_k98rggrenade k98 Mauser RG
weapon_k98s k98 Mauser Sniper
weapon_m1carb M1 Carbine
weapon_mg42 MG-42
weapon_mg42bd MG-42 BD
weapon_mg42bu MG-42 BU
weapon_mg42pr MG-42 PR
weapon_mg42sr MG-42 SR
weapon_mp40 MP 40
weapon_mp44 MP 44
weapon_p38 P38 Luger
weapon_panzerschreckrocket Panzerschreck Rocket
weapon_pschreck Panzerschreck
weapon_smokeger German Smoke Grenade
weapon_smokeus American Smoke Grenad
weapon_spade German Spade
weapon_spring 1903 Sniper Rifle
weapon_stick German Stick Grenade
weapon_thompson Thompson SMG