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Counter-Strike: Source Counter-Strike: Source (2004) is a recreation of Counter-Strike inside the Source engine, and the third game of the Counter-Strike franchise. It was the first Source game to be released, leading Half-Life 2 by some weeks as a Steam pre-order bonus. It features the Counter-Strike bot, the precursor to Left 4 Dead's AI.

As opposed to Counter-Strike there is no Assasination gamemode and no riot shield included. Included are the Hostage and Bombing scenario. A beta version, porting the game to the Orange Box engine, was finished and released Jun 23, 2010 for PC and Mac OS X. The game now features 144 new achievements, a domination and revenge system, MVP Awards, and a new scoreboard.

Official maps

Counter-Strike: Source has the following official maps included.

Maps with the prefix cs_ are Hostage Rescue Scenarios, maps with the prefix de_ are Bomb Defusal Scenarios.

Map Filename Official Map since Remake from
cs_assault 2005-06-07 Yes
cs_compound 2005-02-24 No
cs_havana 2004-11-01 (release) Yes
cs_italy 2004-11-01 (release) Yes
cs_militia 2006-01-18 Yes
cs_office 2004-11-01 (release) Yes
de_aztec 2004-11-01 (release) Yes
de_cbble 2004-11-01 (release) Yes
de_chateau 2004-11-01 (release) Yes
de_dust 2004-11-01 (release) Yes
de_dust2 2004-11-01 (release) Yes
de_inferno 2005-03-15 Yes
de_nuke 2005-12-15 Yes
de_piranesi 2004-11-01 (release) Yes
de_port 2005-02-24 No
de_prodigy 2004-12-16 Yes
de_tides 2005-01-17 Yes
de_train 2005-02-24 Yes


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  • Source shared (hl2)
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